Monday, June 8, 2015

The Deadly Consequences of Draconian Gun Laws.

Carol Bowne is dead — murdered in cold blood on her own property by a violent criminal who would not be restrained by good intentions. But there is no smoking gun, because she lived and died in New Jersey.


Anonymous said...

And the state of New Jersey, doesn't give a shit either. For those residents living there, yes, you are there yet!

Anonymous said...

And our scumbag politicians will dance on her grave and say how great NJ gun-control works. After all, our draconian Law & Public Safety Senate Committee can be proud that "they" saved the killers life by tying up the victims Constitutional right to self defense with their "public safety" BS.

Paul III said...

If I lived in N.J. I would have shot the son-of-a-bit**. Law or no law. I will let NO law stand in the way of defending me or mine, and that includes the use of what ever means I deem necessary.