Wednesday, June 10, 2015

More GOP Treason.

Republicans Rush Obamatrade Before Public Has A Chance To Read It.


Anonymous said...

Republicans know there's a 95% chance their party (wing of the uniparty)will control the White House inside two years.
All they see now is wielding the power they want to give to "Obama".


Election democrats to punish republicans - or the flip side of electing republicans to punish democrats- will never work BECAUSE the only thing voting for lesser of two evils ensures is that evil is elected. Folks in this country have to learn to vote FOR something and someone rather than taking the bait by voting against something or someone. Until people are FOR rather than AGAINST, the swirling around the flush hole will continue.

Anonymous said...

As Clinton says; What difference does it make?

Anonymous said...

Not surprising. The next Republican president will fix it. LOL


Anonymous said...

GOP, the other Socialist DNC