Wednesday, June 10, 2015

File this under "Gnawing off the hand that feeds you." And STILL we won't arm the Kurds, the only friends we have in the region who are fighting ISIS.

Iraqi Shiite Militia Commander Threatens to Attack U.S.


Anonymous said...

Where do the Kurds get their arms & ammo? Or the money to buy it on the open market?

Anonymous said...

The Shi'a militia's are a subsidiary of and mainly loyal to Iran as much as to the GoI. (Government of Iraq) M1A1 Abrahms tanks we have given (excuse me, "sold", LOL)to the GoI have been handed over to them and in many cases they have better equipment than the Iraqi Army. This is for 2 reasons, first of all they get weapons directly from Iran, secondly they get the cream of what we give the GoI because they will fight harder than the actual Army.

These people are playing the US Department of State like the rubes they are, leading them down the path they've been on since the invasion of "keeping Iraq together", when in fact that is not possible given who we are talking about, to wit Arab Muslims. These people naturally care more for 1) "Shi'a or Sunni" 2) Tribal affiliation, and 3) geography (our land) than any artificial idea of nationhood conjured up by Britain et al.

Anonymous said...

Who were the geniuses that decided to go stomping into that miserable ant hill in the first place?

Anonymous said...

The enemy of my enemy, is my enemy? I love it when a plan comes together.

Jimmy the Saint said...

Sort of like Croatia in the '90s all over again. Of course, if the Kurds ever do get armed up, their version of Operation Storm should be pretty damned impressive.

Anonymous said...

Geniuses who decided to go into the anthill?
Of course! Ignore the ants invasion and their termite-like damage done as a result!! Blame those who go to the source to fight off the any invasion - instead of the ant hill itself for ITS unprovoked attack and invasion. All the while,ignore all the ants adhering to the idea that they are alive to follow the any hills directive - to make, by force, the entire planet into a ant hill and make every being be an ant.

So piss off with that head fake bullshit. Mmmmmk?
There is ONLY this choice-
Bow to Sharia (tyranny by yet another name)
Or stand up to fight it.

Blaming those who fight BACK, rather than those who aim to enslave you is pure idiocy. Indeed, it demonstrates you have already bowed to've already become an ant.

Metallica had it right long ago.
Kill em All.