Thursday, April 9, 2015

When everything is a crime.

Try to be the very best, most successful criminal you can be.


Anonymous said...

Although there's much to be said about the fact that our nation is supposed to be under common-law, not the hybrid Admiralty/Equity codes we are under, much of the blame lies with the people themselves who sit on grand juries. Last summer I sat on one and I was the Asst.D.A.'s worst nightmare. Why? Because I've educated my self in simple things, like the constitution, Dec. of Ind., and a general history of American jurisprudence. But trying to explain things to other jurors during deliberations only got me blank stares, as if they were watching television. They are so used to doing what they're told and being a good slave that they can't even remotely imagine that they are supposed to be the boss. Sovereignty, to them, is a word they can't even spell, let alone give you a definition of. If the people of this nation were educated enough just to realize that they could stop all this bullshit right there in the grand jury room we'd start turning things around here in a hurry. I find it to be a shame when a people just can't think for themselves anymore.

Sean said...

It is past all that, now. Reform, getting Grand Juries to perform, legislation, debate, all of that is utter nonsense. We're not voting, talking, debating, or anything our way out of this. Alea iacta est. There are two choices. Get in this fight, or get out.

Anonymous said...

More jails will solve all of our problems!