Saturday, April 4, 2015

VDH: Obama’s Chicago Presidency. "Anything is now possible."

"What then is the full Obama presidency? It is the quest for extralegal power not just by ignoring the law, tradition, or custom, but by doing so flagrantly and without concern, to the point of rendering critics impotent — and thereby accruing even more power to enrage and embarrass them. . ."
Once that pen-and-phone threshold has been crossed, anything is possible — and even the critics of Obama now belatedly accept that. In brilliantly diabolical fashion, the president of the United States has all but ruined the Democratic party in Congress and the state legislatures, but has also confounded his Republican opponents by not caring a whit about his own nihilism — as if he is supposed to worry about ending the congressional careers of his supposed allies? After all, if someone is going to ignore the law or what tradition demands, then why does he need a legislative majority to do it? Obama is more powerful in defeat than he ever was in victory. Like a seasoned Chicago pol, he reminds his auditors and critics that not only does he not care about the appearance of his actions, but also that no else does either. He all but says, “Each time I issue an illegal executive order, my polls go up, and the more my enemies howl and my friends cringe.” It becomes more hazardous — ask Senator Menendez or an audited Tea Party group — to object to an Obama abuse than for Obama to commit the abuse, which makes further abuse only more certain.


Anonymous said...

so what you are saying, or what I am receiving from this, is that we should dance in the street and not grieve at all if somebody blows his fucking head off.

Dutchman6 said...

No. The assassination of Obama would be among other things a disaster for our side. In fact, if the administration is so stupid as to provoke a civil war that would be fought by its opponents with 4th Generation sophistication, his life would be the safest, right up until the conclusion of the war crimes trials that follow his defeat.

"Son, we're going to give you a fair trial. . . followed by a first class hanging." -- Silverado.

Hypothetically speaking of course, every other mother's son or daughter who executes his orders and is a war maker or decision taker in that possible conflict, on the other hand, would be fair game under 4GW rules.