Thursday, April 9, 2015

This was forwarded to me under the header "Pigs demand more slops."

The only real difference between the military and the police is their chief area of operation: one group enforces the rule of the elites overseas, while the other does the same thing domestically. Alternatively, the US police can be thought of as the domestic branch of the military. But even there the lines are blurred, as there have been plenty of incidents in which the "real" military turned its weapons on the American people. Most of them will do so again if ordered. -- Anonymous commenter at
Police Chief Magazine: Possible New Revenue Streams For Law Enforcement
Original article referred to: Generating New Revenue Streams.
The common reaction to a budget crisis is reducing personnel and cutting services. The focus of this article is to provide police agencies with an alternative to personnel and service reductions. This alternative could help the survival of a city and maintain or expand police service through generating new revenue streams as a proactive approach to meet the fiscal crisis of today and the uncertain future of tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Right, so the collapse DID happen in 07/08 and like any good scumbag, the scumbags (Banks, Govs, etc) did extend and pretend. We are there. The pretending has gone a long ways but not enough.

These last 4-5 years were the good ole days, rough sledding from here out.

If you didn't notice the increase in ORC activity along our roadways your eyes were closed. These plans are already happening everywhere and have been for a couple years.

Anonymous said...

Maybe.... But there is a saying that I don't know where it comes from. That is a dagger in the dark is worth 1000 swords at dawn. If even just 5-10% of military secretely defect, a lot of damage can be done. Just think about the damage one suicidal buck private could do while everyone is at chow. Or what damage could be done to the military motor pool from a defecting military insider who just doesn't like the idea of chain gunning civilians and splitting their bodies in half from an APC.

Everything is hypothetical as far as what will happen when the SHTF or we have TEOTWAWKI. I think a lot depends on how the world ends. If we expierence a massive EMP for instance, the military will likely have all of its comms wiped out which might make a modern army response impossible. Also, it takes a truly dedicated soldier to leave the wife and kids behind to the savage gangs and protect the elites. Its not fair to compare instances where the military follows orders like in Katrina to what might happen when TSHTF or we have Civil War 2 kick off. In the former instance, society was still fully in tact to court martial any soldier and end their career if they didnt follow orders. That said, there WERE soldiers that refused to follow orders during Katrina, you just never heard about that from the MSM. When society is reduced to local wars over cans of dog or cat food, it becomes easier to not follow orders to protect the elite and instead protect the family and the local community.

Now all of that said. Even if the military is 100% united against the patriots (perhaps the elite utilize brainwashing viruses?), you still have to deal with the 3% or 3 million gun owners out there who will only die via massive blood loss and organ damage from multiple bullet holes. If recent are any indication, I think the number has got to be more like the 10-15% and not the 3%.

Longbow said...

"He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance."

Jeepers, you don't say... Just like Tyrants everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Chicago top cop warns that his officers will shoot concealed carriers

Anonymous said...

Allow me to forward this to you for your perusal:

B Woodman

Sean said...

Not an admission of the reality of an over grown police state. Not a reduction in force, commensurate with the slowing economy.Not an admission that they are far beyond the bounds of human decency. But a commitment to tax, fine, levy, and if necessary, beat the living crap out of the population in order to keep their bellies full and their pompous asses on their self styled throne. As in,"Hey, we're already robber barons, lets figure out how we can perpetuate "serve and protect" forever." Himmler would be proud.

Missouri_Mule said...

I think the real problem we are overlooking is that we have more than enough police officers, in fact TOO many.

We need to be responsible for our own safety.

Law enforcement's job to put it plainly is to take the offender to jail or the morgue after the situation is over. This mantra that we should be nice to the robber, raper, murderer dates back to around 1968, a banner year for law enforcement, NOT!

Excuse the phrasing but, no pigs, no slop required.

Anonymous said...

Fines have gone up everywhere. They have been doing some of these things for years already.

Anonymous said...

There's a reason cops hang out in bars only other cops patronize. It isn't that they love each others company, it's that no one else can stand being near them. My sis-in-law started dating and then living with a divorced NJ State Trooper a couple of years ago. I know i don't particularly enjoy his company. But I do love wearing my "Fight Tyranny, Shoot Back" hat around him..

Anonymous said...

The "user fee" model for revenue enhancement is likely to creep in more and more, as it is in other federal and state agencies.

Imagine calling 911, and the automated "Siri" says what is the nature of your call, and what is your address--- and getting a response like

"that will be $250 for a patrol car response in the next 30 minutes, please enter your bank name and ATM code to agree..."

Anonymous said...

"Jeezum Crow", I don't have an extra 50 cents in my pocket to pay for a 911 call. What should I do then, die?

That would permanently cut off my revenue stream.

PS--In quotes is a common saying where I live, and no offense is intended to anyone, of any persuasion.