Monday, April 6, 2015

Terry siblings tell Grassley and radio host of electronics and weapons seizures

New revelations discussed in the letter and on the program include curiously-timed government actions that occurred after the family approached since-resigned and reprimanded U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke. The actions followed Terry’s father notifying Burke that “Brian had sent three emails to the union over concerns that were not regarding ‘standard’ USBP issues. “It was then that federal agents made entry into Brian’s home, seizing his personal electronics and personally-owned weapons without warning or permission,” the letter to Grassley reports. “The electronic devices were returned to our family, wiped clean of any data and Brian’s personal handguns have still not been returned to this day. Brian’s personal cell phone, although, ‘Undiscovered’ by investigators, remained active for over a year. We still have not been provided the warrant, legal writ, or any other associated documentation as to why Brian’s house was searched and his personal belongings taken and altered against our wishes.”


Anonymous said...

To me, this is proof of guilt by the DOJ guys. Obviously trying to hide stuff.

Then it starts to look like maybe Terry was killed in a friendly fire incident.

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as "friendly fire".

But there certainly are dirty enforcement personnel who kill co-workers for being too honest, talking about what they have seen on the job or mighty suspect of their department- Like some semi-officially sanctioned gun running to narcotraficantes?

Arrange the assassination to look like it was a bust or enforcement action gone wrong, any Chicago or NYPD cop would understand... Heck, sometimes all you have to do is be a few minutes slow on backup and then look properly unhappy at their funeral.