Saturday, April 4, 2015

Rothbard and Hummel on "Libertarian Warfare."



Pericles said...

I'll never get that 15 minutes of my life back. It gives me more evidence that Rothbard was ignorant of history, and how to apply its lessons.

An opponent is never defeated until he realizes that he has been beat. The British Army never accepted the facts on the ground until the Continental Line could best the British Army in classic 18th Century warfare, which it did on more than one occasion.

rexxhead said...

Interesting? Very.

Anonymous said...

Pericles, you are trying to argue that Rothbard of all people was ignorant of history?!?!?!

The point is not even contested by historians with a passing knowledge of the war. What carried the colonists and allowed them to run out the clock and made the Yorktown battle and huge help of the French even possible was the long standing guerrilla war in the South. Had we just fought the traditional manner like what took place in the north for the most part, the colonists would have lost.

All wars are political in nature - Yorktown was a great political victory but the writing was already on the wall from years of guerrilla warfare draining resources and men from the British, as well as the assumption hat they could easily crush the colonist rebels. Even the battles like cowpens that were of the traditional variety still were only possible bc of how many men and resources had been lost due to guerrilla war from the colonists. Events like the battle of kings mountain were far more damning and shocking to the British people back home than any victory they achieved via traditional means.

By the way, if wars are only won when one side is defeated in their own style and admits it, which battle did North Vietnam defeat America in? Which battle did Afghanistan defeat the soviets in?

jon said...

this highlights why it is so incredibly backwards to try to stockpile little fortresses when engaging in so-called "prepping." you don't want to be stuck stationary, and then steamrolled, by either side. if both mao and lee knew the same things, then you cannot trust even a people's revolution, ostensibly to liberate you, to then leave you alone. preparation is about mindset and skillset, and some basic kit. its not about dry food and concrete.

Dakota said...

Well I certainly am "NOT" going to not prepare Jon. I have family to think about one way or another. I sure don't want them showing up at the local Fairgrounds for some food and bottled water because the shelves are bare at the grocers. Then they can be a short bus ride from the camps or whatever hell the enemies of the Constitution have planned for us "bitter clingers" I get a kick out of people who think they can throw on the old B O B and head on into the wilderness and then somehow do anyone any good. 90% of those "heroes" will last maybe 30 days till all the deer, rabbits, squirrels etc. are dead and have pine needles to eat. Or then there are those that plan on killing the preppers so that they can eat ... those are the real nut jobs. Think about what you are saying and planning.