Tuesday, April 14, 2015

No, we didn't edit the video. Dean Weingarten on the circumstances of the Cox denial footage.

It has been alleged in certain quarters that the video of Chris Cox's denial of my story must have been edited by me to remove exculpatory footage. In the event, and afterward, we weren't certain that we'd got any video or what had come through since it really was a surprise to all parties including yours truly. It wasn't until later when we had E&E'd to a local Shoney's (that's "Escaped and Evaded") that we knew what we had. The cameraman, Dean Weingarten, who I'd been hanging around with at the meeting for a couple of days (we were a couple of like-minded Christian boys in a den of "heatherns," as they say in Winston County), recalls here:
You will note that the video was shot by your intrepid correspondent. It was definitely an "ambush" interview, taken at a moment of opportunity. I did not capture everything I wanted, but if I was going to take a cut, this is the cut that I would have taken.
So, no, there was no nefarious editing. You see what we got -- ALL of what we got.

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