Thursday, April 9, 2015

Kurt Hofmann on Rosa DeLauro: If DeLauro wants to buy your "assault weapon," tell her it can only be paid for in blood--and she can't afford it.

Anti-gun Congresswoman Wants Americans to Sell Their Liberty, Children's Futures


Anonymous said...

Judging from her picture I see CT.'s politicians look similar to my NYS politicians. Like something on "The Walking Dead" or in an AIDs charity ward

Galaxie_Man said...

One of the seven "embarassments" that make up the entire Kommiecticut congressional delegation. Each one is always trying to be more liberal than the others, in a never ending escalation of assaulting our liberties. Make no mistake, the crap they try to pull affects all US citizens, not just us behind enemy lines in CT. For those unfamiliar with these A-Holes, here's the entire list (after all, marxists love to put other people on lists):

John Larson - 1st District (D)
Joe Courtney - 2nd District (D)
Rosa DeLauro - 3rd District (D)
Jim Himes - 4th District (D)
Elizabeth Esty - 5th District (D)

Richard (DICK!) Blumenthal - Sen. (D)
Chis Murphy - Sen. (D)

Each one in violation of their oath of office multiple times over, and traitors to the nation that should be dealt with accordingly.

As for Delauro, I always thought of her as the original Angry Bird. Pull up some videos of her press conferences, and you'll see what I mean. Play some audio of a solitary chicken in full squawk in place of her voice and there is little difference (in sound or meaningful substance).

Anonymous said...

I'm behind the blue lines here in the 'Stan (Connectistan) right now. I can tell you that the narrative is failing badly and they know their optics are fading with regard to this shit. That is both a gift and a curse because they will be forced to take action in order to maintain their charade. That will not end well for anyone. If you think the Troubles were a majorly bad scene just wait til this shit show gets into gear. Look for some ambitious commie cunt somewhere in the NE to move on a crackdown sometime soon. They need to do it while it's warm enough to use their easybakeovenmobiles.

Sean said...

Oh, she can afford the blood alright, she goes out after sunset and sinks her fangs into passersby, and gets all she needs.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to the same FOOLS I called out in the Harpy post to come forward and say the same things now to Superman that were said to me on that thread.

Tell Kurt the same things. Tell him how wrong he is about 19 other guns etetc.

Uh huh. Sure you will.

Posers nailed by their love of money AND their inability to think things through. Like Kurt said - the money has to come from SOMEWHERE!! Tax the "rich", right you fools? Moms AND occupy members, eh?

NEVER turn guns in - EVER. And it ain't about "pride" - it's called courage of conviction. It's called Principal. It's called dedication to Liberty instead of love of Money.

Turning guns in for money is a tactical and strategic FAILURE!

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
'Don't really know how much $$ some of these "Buy Back" programs pay, but if $100 or more "per piece" it could be a good deal!! I think it was mentioned somewhere that gang bangers would turn in "inoperable/broken" guns that were beyond economic repair worth zip for a tidy sum which could be a downpayment on a new piece!!..
Your man in Louisiana,
Got Gunz??,

Anonymous said...

Well isn't that special. The posers ran for the hills.
Others, well meaning folks who just didn't think it through bolted as well.

Folks think we are being divided so we can be conquered but they haven't thought it through. Mostly through apathy, we have already been conquered and now we are just being divided by trolls and trolling ways engrained within the indoctrinated. The division keeps us all conquered as we fight amongst ourselved over sheer idiocy rather than unite around straightforward principal pitting us all against the rights usurping bastards that call themselves politicians.

Celebrity Culture. It's invaded the consciousness of the unsuspecting. You think you ain't american idolized? Take a look, a good look. I said something and I'm quoted - then shown how "wrong" I am. But the Kurt days the same damn things - and the same folks say precisely DICK. Hmmm. That Kurt said it makes it have more validity than "anonymous" saying it? Cmon now. THATS the vicious idiocy of Celebrity Culture. No offense Kurt- you know full well that I have the utmost respect for you!- but I think you'd agree with me here on this point .....

This fight isn't about CELEBRITY! This fight isnt about celebrity status making statements true. Folks - CELEBRITY CULTURE is just a repackaged and renamed TITLE OF NOBILITY.

SO STOP being fooled into looking at WHO says something and START looking HONESTLY at what is actually said and then look to WHY it is said.

Stop taking the bait of arguing "should or shouldn't" and start arguing on the fundamental level of whether or not government has authority to prohibited and mandate in THE FIRST PLACE! Yeah, this tends to piss off Fudds, but that's their problem.... They have to face their own intellectual failings themselves. Best yet, this path exposes the posers and the folks who simply aren't thinking things through. Know this - the poser trolls are EXPLOITING the Fudds - acting AS Fudds in order to convince Patriots that we are the tiny insignificant few. And that just ain't true. Stand up the bullies! Call me out! How? Like joe Friday says- just the facts ma'am. Focus on the baseline facts instead of who is presenting them....

Anonymous said...

Fuck all those freedom grabbing collectivist Marxists. From behind enemy lines in Ct. Been writing them for decades. They vote progressive no matter what. Lies, more lies. Tax and spend and subterfuge. Making criminals out of the law abiding. In the dead of night, like common thieves.. Passing Unconstitutional laws and diktats. Moral high ground !!! When they have naught !!! Tax credits and $ 50-$ 100 ,Walmart cards for gun buy backs. There's more than 300 million guns in America. The Feds couldn't borrow enough $ from their freedom hating cohorts in Red China to buy us out !!! Never mind disarm [turn them in Feinstein]Mr.,Mrs. America... There is nothing common sense in what they do and say. They are all domestic enemy's To Our Founders Republic. A political cleansing is needed in the District of Criminals. The Nra gets no $ from me ,for their rag mag dues or their phony political action committee. Since Sandy Hook they get nothing !!! I'd rather invest in lead and steel. My peace with my maker has been made. Behind Enemy Lines. In Unconstitutional ,Collectivist Ct. We Will Not Stand Down. AAA/O. 11B20.

Anonymous said...

I encourage any and all firearms owners to come to Vermont.

"That the people have a right to bear arms for the defence of themselves and the State - and as standing armies in time of peace are dangerous to liberty, they ought not to be kept up; and that the military should be kept under strict subordination to and governed by the civil power."

From 1777, and still applies.

Anonymous said...

At least Bernie Saunders admits he is a communist. Don't see how Vt. hasn't fallen[like Ct] with all those left wing nut[ from Boston] jobs who bought up all those bed n breakfasts, etc. Got jobs. I will move my kit to the Green Mountains. Vermont is a beautiful state. Got 45yrs of hardware to move. Behind Enemy Lines. In Unconstitutional ,Collectivist ,Ct. We Will Not Stand Down. AAA/O.11B20.

Anonymous said...

Mike go to and see the NRA-ILRA post the NRA put up about this. When you have done this, ask yourself why they would word it the way they did while they were trying to play house with BATFE just now.

Needless to say it ruined my appetite whilst on my lunch break.

- The Bellevue Headhunter