Wednesday, April 1, 2015

In light of recent discussions on the same subject. . .

Here's one from a couple years back: Whose Side Is the NRA Really On?

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Anonymous said...

The progs actually love the NRA because they use it as a propaganda tool. They "attack" in order to gun up SUPPORT for it offered by Fudds who think "well they oppose the NRA and they are gun grabbers so that means I gotta support the NRA".

Proof is in the pudding. The FACTS, both historical AND contemporary, prove beyond ANY doubt that the NRA is indeed a gun CONTROL organization.

It's the ORIGIN of magazine limits. Can you say hunting plugs for shotguns? Think about it. It's the ORIGIN of ammo bans... Got "sporting purposes"?
It's the genesis of the conceal and carry PERMISSION SLIP STRUCTURE that props up foul assed "due process incorporation" that "fundamentally transforms" creator endowed, enumerated RIGHTS, both privilege AND immunity, into government allowed/disallowed PERMISSIONS.

The NRA, TODAY, supports state permit structures, federal gun control laws and even ATF rule making. It helps draft the LANGUAGE of those codes to make it as hard as possible to challenge them judicially. It opposed heller, though jumped on the bandwagon at the 11th hour. It then sought incorporation instantly in order to augment permission based control via due process. It even openly opposed constitutional carry and worked with DEMOCRATS as open partners to CREATE a permission slip structure WHERE NONE HAD EVER EXISTED!!!

Face it Fudds, your NRA just isn't what you wished it was OR you yourselves are gun controllers absent the courage to admit it (you want YOUR rights but what to control who else has guns and who doesn't).

The truth about the NRA is seeping out. And in saying this - it's about damned time!