Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Does anybody have a FACTUAL, first-person, on-the-ground appraisal of what's going on with the miners and BLM in Orgeon?

If so, I'd like to hear it. Some folks fear it will be another Bundy Ranch. Some apparently WANT it to be another Bundy Ranch. I'd just like a no-bullsh-t assessment of what is really the situation at the point of threatened contact.


Darkwing said...

This mining thing will just be like the Bundy thing, one sided reporting. I know what Bundy did wrong and he was wrong. This mining thing will be the same. I worked for BLM in the 1970 &1980, The rules have not changed.

Anonymous said...

FYI... Jerry Delemus fell off of a roof and has a fractured pelvis and will be out of commission for a bit.

Anonymous said...

...This case is headed in a direction that presents what is probably a once-in-a-generation prime opportunity to strike at the heart of the very surface management authority of the DOI and USDA and to restore the "as patent" rights of every mining claim owner in the United States by striking down the actual source of that intrusive authority.

Regardless, we intend to take BLM fully to task and will not feel sorry for any civil or criminal consequences that may be leveled upon any BLM employees who are found to be negligent of wrong doing. We are actively pursuing these individuals through a wide range of tactics with the intent to reign in these wrong doers.



Death before slavery!

Comrade X

Anonymous said...

There is a similar incident brewing in central Montana right now. A 1924 mining claim is being pressured to shut down based on BLM claims that they are in violation of BLM rules that do not apply to established mining claims. I am gathering documentation from the miners for "off-site" storage as it appears it will get ugly. BLM has repeatedly cut locks and opened gates, allowing access to the miner's explosives storage by hikers and hunters while restricting their access for operating machinery. I have recommended they contact Mike and Oathkeepers and they have been working with the local Sheriff (Lewis & Clark County), but pressure is building and does not look good.

John Otis Comeau said...

there's this too: http://oathkeepersjoco.com/

Mary Emerick
Public Information Officer
Oath Keepers of Josephine County

Clinton Chard
Logistics Coordinator
Oath Keepers of Josephine County

Roger said...

Darkwing - Realy? One sided reporting? I remember hearing reports from the feds, from the Bundy's, and from people on the ground. I don't call that 'one sided'.

And, if the 'rules' haven't changed, why is it 35-45 years later they are now being brought to bear in the Galice Mining District?

Those who govern are always changing the rules because they think they can, and because we let them. And that has got to stop.

Anonymous said...

No standoff at this time...mine owners have asked that people wanting to support to please "stand by".

My opinion: miners wanted to get the word out and get support from fellow patriots in case the BLM did try anything hostile and they have been trying to do "shows of force" in the attempt to intimidate the mine owners. Nevertheless, they are currently in legal litigation to fight the BLM and that should go through its process.

However, their are people that want this to "kick off" and are attempting to make this something bigger than what it is.

To clarify...this IS an overreach from the government and we need to support the miners. Nevertheless, pointing guns at federal LEOs is not the answer and people need to stop trying to hype this incident to this level.

Arizona State Militia members are apparently enroute and their support is appreciated but they're turning this into something it's not.


This is NOT A BUNDY RANCH and people need to know this. We're talking a hostile terrain of rain and snow and we don't need tards turning this into a circus.

Anonymous said...

Anthony P Bosworth shared Anthony Bosworth The Patriot's post to the group: Liberty For All.

2 hrs •

Anthony Bosworth The Patriot

2 hrs •

Official report from mining district

April 14 2015
1100 hours

1) There is no standoff.

2) BLM has been talking to the mine attorney.
There will be an official BLM stand down.

3)There is no BLM in the area west of Merlin.

4)Old keepers on site will be given new marching orders.

5)Mine owner is not happy with all the misinformation.

6)The mining district has set up a parking lot away from the mine.

Parking lot possibly could hold 200 people.

Parking lot for people they are turning away from the mine that we are unable to stop.

7)The mining district wants to thank everyone for your diligent effort to help control this.

8)Mining district said they will attempt to keep us updated at least once every day.

Anthony Bosworth LFA III %




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Kerby Jackson

As an elected official in Galice Mining District, I can confirm that this is an accurate report and contains information that myself and the mine owner relayed to Mr. Bosworth by phone.

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Elizabeth Momcologist Zwicker

Thanks for the updates.

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