Monday, April 13, 2015

David Codrea links to my Chris Cox denial piece, and explains how this business works.

Sorry to be so intentionally obscure with identifying details, but the way this works is you don't go outing confidential sources and expect to have any kind of future relationship. Those who have insights into this piece of the puzzle will see that it fits and have a pretty good idea of who some of the players I am referring to are -- and those who do not, well, stay tuned, we're working on it.
The bottom line is, you don't just take some anonymous stranger's word for things and run with it. And you put all kinds of considerations into the front end -- especially over motives and credibility of multiple sources -- before you post word one.
That's why Mike put "WE STAND BY OUR STORY" in all caps.
Meantime, we have another sworn categorical denial on deep background anonymity just in over the transom:


Anonymous said...

Hillary should make that Bart Simpson denial a ring tone.

Anonymous said...

If you cant resist talking, DENY EVERYTHING!

Anonymous said...

But Mike, that is just not cricket! You have to cater to my personal curiosity and prejudices by giving up your sources!