Monday, April 6, 2015

An Engineered Drought: Shortsighted coastal elites bear most of the blame for California’s water woes.

We’re suffering the ramifications of the “small is beautiful,” “spaceship earth” ideology of our cocooned elites. Californians have adopted the ancient peasant mentality of a limited good, in which various interests must fight it out for the always scarce scraps. Long ago we jettisoned the can-do visions of our agrarian forebears, who knew California far better than we do and trusted nature far less. Now, like good peasants, we are at one another’s throats for the last drops of a finite supply.


Anonymous said...

First of all, you have to realize that the psychos behind this manufactured water shortage think there are too many humans on this planet and favor a large 'die-off' to make things 'right'. So the real reason why Ca has no water is because environmental wackos made laws that allowed all their water reservoirs to run dry so they could 'save' a tiny fish. That stored water was not for humans, it was for nature. Now it's gone, at the same time a mild dry spell came around.

Cal said...

That this drought is engineered is exactly the problem. Climate modification, accidental (actually the deliberate) release of water in the dams, fracking operations within the state added to - not cut back, corporations and state agencies that use water are getting it first when it is a PROTECTED by the Ninth Amendment Natural Right of the peoples - using water to drink, clean, grow NATURAL ORGANIC SEEDS, came waybefore governments. ETC.

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Anonymous said...

Well, This is confused and fact-limited.
- Entire Bay Area does not depend on Hetch Hetchy. There are more modern dams for East Bay and other areas.
- Almost sounds as if the cities are stealing water from Ag. Sure, it's a fight, but both are dependent on expensive shipped-in water.
- I don't see why he maligns Apple and Google, and the like. They aren't the cause of population growth, nor of any great water demand. If anything they effectively bring in more conservative, practical engineers to counterbalance nimby-ism.
- Almonds do use huge amounts of water compared to other crops. And their water comes from the public domain. I say they should get water. But debate on these issues is good.

In total, this is poorly written and inaccurate.
Am from the Bay Area.

Anonymous said...

But they have a 'right' to water their lawns ... in a desert!

It is the government's responsibility to provide the water needed ...