Sunday, March 9, 2014

Robert Farago pimps for the NRA's all-talk position on CT a day after dishing out ignorance & defeatism on the subject by the shovelful. "Nullification by deer rifle."

Wars result when one side either misjudges its chances or wishes to commit suicide; and not even Masada began as a suicide attempt. In general, both warring parties expect to win. In the event, they are wrong more than half the time. -- David Drake, Vietnam veteran and author of Hammer's Slammers.
"As near as I can tell from reading the Connecticut game laws, it is not illegal to shoot tyrannical politicians over a baited field. . . Of course other laws may apply." -- COL Robert "Mad Bob" REDACTED, Dogtown Rangers.
Robert Farago, formerly of The Truth About Cars, and now running The Truth About Guns fairly gushes about the NRA's latest paper tiger maneuver in CT:
Make the jump for the best press release I’ve ever read by the NRA. Clearly, America’s oldest civil rights organization is kicking things up a notch, responding to events more quickly and amping up the rhetoric without falling prey to Chicken Little pronouncements.
My take, readers may recall, was a bit different: "The NRA whistles up a tune of pretension in Connecticut and tries to jockey the weeniewagon to the head of the PR line with words."
As I have long said, pay attention to what politicians DO, not what they say, for the lie is the attendant of every evil. And the leadership of the NRA, especially Wayne LaPierre, Chris Cox and that portion of the NRA board who have supported him ever since the Wayne-orchestrated coup against Neal Knox, are nothing if not politicians. (See The Gun Rights War by Knox for the sordid details of Wayne "et tu, Brute?" LaPierre.)
But then all that was ancient history by the time Farago changed his focus from the "truth about cars" to the "truth about guns," so perhaps he can be forgiven his ignorance.
Less forgivable is this bit of uninformed and uninspired defeatism that he wrote the day before uncritically embracing the NRA's PR-only campaign in CT.
A doorstep firefight between Connecticut gun owners and state or federal police come to confiscate their “assault rifle” or “high cap mag” is unlikely. The State will not go door-to-door to grab guns. There will be no midnight no-knock raids or flash-bang police parties. For a while.
If Connecticut political leaders and their law enforcement lackeys can hold off on forcible confiscation until after the November mid-term elections, they will. But they probably can’t/won’t. As Ralph reminds us, history is driven by events. If there’s another AR-related spree killing, or an unrelated arrest goes seriously awry (with an “assault rifle”), or a gun rights protest turns violent, the State will not let a good crisis go to waste act on behalf of public safety.
Why not? The State enjoys overwhelming public support for their gun control policies. That’s how the laws came to be. The State being what it is, its functionaries are predisposed to preserving law and order (i.e. defending their own authority). The Democratic machine controlling Connecticut knows that gun owners are not “friends of ours.” And they know how easy it will be to paint lawbreaking gun owners as public enemies.
Bottom line: they will move against Constitution State gun owners in violation of the law when the time is right. The good news: the cops in charge of making the collar will make damn sure that any firearms confiscation campaign is a complete success – at least from their point-of-view. By that I mean that law enforcement will do everything possible to make sure they don’t get killed. Or even fired upon.
As we saw with the Department of Homeland Security’s arrest of gun dealer Bob Adams in New Mexico, the cops are smart enough to intercept ostensibly felonious gun owners away from their homestead, using speed, surprise and overwhelming force. So when Connecticut chooses to make a symbolic collar on a Class D gun owner, that’s how it’ll go down. And there’s not a damn thing sympathetic gun owners anywhere will be able to do about it.
After the fact, gun rights advocates/patriots will kvetch like crazy. But they will not mount anything other than a legal rescue effort to spring the gun owner(s) from prison. Which is just as well; the security surrounding the scofflaws will be extremely tight and the cops will be equally on edge. Both the fact of the arrest(s) and their own impotence to correct the situation will inflame gun owners in Connecticut and across the country. They’ll organize themselves into militias.
Now either Farago doesn't know any of the 85% of resisters in Connecticut, and/or he assumes them to be: a. idiots who are not already anticipating police moves and planning contingencies for them or b. cowards who won't do anything when their neighbors and friends are raided and killed. Personally, I'm betting on Farago's ignorance of the men and women on the ground behind enemy lines.
In addition, he assigns an omnipotence to "law enforcement" that it frankly doesn't have and doesn't deserve, not in CT and not anywhere else for that matter. The likelihood of combat being initiated accidentally, by attitude or misadventure, is much more probable.
Farago also ignores the plain fact, again out of ignorance (or perhaps because he has also uncritically accepted the SPLC's latest "intelligence" report that such formations are on the wane, which amounts to the same thing) that Three Percenters and others have been organizing themselves into local, self-defense formations for some time now -- they just haven't been issuing press releases about it. Oh, I have no doubt that violent events would galvanize others to do so, but Farago is wrong to believe that there aren't enough native state boots on the ground to make the authorities pay dearly for any bloody miscalculation -- and that there would be much time lost in doing so. And that payment will likely be in the form of 4GW targeting of the tyrannical politicians who set the stage for bloody civil war and initiated it with their appetites for their fellow citizens' liberty, property and lives.
Connecticut's armed citizenry, you see, is much more informed and wide-awake than Farago in his ignorance gives them credit for. When we smuggle magazines and ammunition into CT, it is always spoken-for ten times over. I got an anecdotal report the other day of cars with CT plates driving as far as PENNSYLVANIA to buy quantities of AR thirty rounders and 5.56 ball ammunition, but as one of my correspondents put it, "Connecticut may be the first state to experience 'nullification by deer rifle.'" Raid parties, he explained, would be dealt with by semi-autos (although he preferred the Garand for its body-armor punching qualities) but "deer rifles," he observed, "are the preferred means of killing tyrants at distance." He thought it was pretty ironic -- as do I -- that the slandered "evil black rifles" wouldn't even come into the picture for the tyrannical fools stupid enough to have signed their own death warrants by voting for what anybody with any sense should have seen as unconstitutional tyranny leading to civil war.
Oh, Farago is right in this part of his conclusion:
If that kind of conflict occurs, things will go completely out of control. The crackdown on gun rights supporters by government agents will be intense, on both the State and the federal level. Gun rights advocates’ response will be no less intense. Quite how it plays out from there I have no clue. But it will be a civil war of one sort or another.
Yes, civil war is where this is headed and I have been warning about that since last April. And what of his final paragraph?
As the weather warms and temperatures rise, there are only two ways to avoid this escalation into bloodshed in the Constitution State: the Supreme Court strikes down the Connecticut gun control laws or the Connecticut legislature repeals the laws. Neither is bound to happen. Although I don’t know the future, the future I see ain’t that pretty at all. And what about gun owners in California, New Jersey, New York, Maryland and Rhode Island? God help them all.
Yes, well, Farago's wrong about there being only two ways. Perhaps if the NRA really wanted to DO something they could seek an immediate injunction in federal court for a stay in the law until it can be judged by the Supremes. That is the third thing that could avoid escalation into immediate bloodshed. The NRA, however, is so busy issuing press releases SAYING they're finally getting involved in the CT mess that they are too busy to actually DO anything about it. What good are all their millions and lobbying clout if they cannot figure THAT out? And that, if you wish to consider it, is the real "truth about guns" and the NRA in Connecticut.
And, yes, may God help us all.


THEBigFatPanda said...

Kinda validates my long standing reluctance to join the NeverResistAnything. Any suggestions for an alternative organization, Mike?

UK Houston said...

Mr. Farago has been the voice of "reasonableness" since day one. His business model can charitably be defined as click-whore ... pick an area (cars, guns) with an avid fan base, then write semi-controversial articles that break no real new ground, and don't offend what you perceive to be the mainstream view.
Then, if you do eventually step over the line or you get enough people pissed off with you whorish ways, move to another field ahead of the pitchforks, tar, and feathers.
Personally, I look forward to his next venture "The Truth About Purses", any day now.

Anonymous said...

RF recently admitted to being a reformed gun disliking liberal. When I read that, I realized it explained a lot where his instinctive reactions to many political issues (very different from the way I react to the same news stimulus) come from.

In short, he has evolved from his anti gun upbringing to being a common Fudd.

Anonymous said...

The fact is, the NRA has created gridlock for years by playing both ends against the middle. And now, it is being pressed to pick a side - and it's realizing that doing so has consequences one way or the other.

Sadly, it's still trying to find a way to hold on to the status quo of endless stalemate. It's "compromising" foolishness has led to people enduring outright bans.

The NRA has tremendous clout alright.
And it uses it AGAINST the right to keep and bear on the individual level and for state government control over those rights (which is ELIMINATING individual liberty itself).

Yes a civil war is near - and I place a great deal if blame for that at the feet of the NRA and it's "deals" and "compromises". For it us those things that have brought us to the brink!

On that level, Mike, I think you are profoundly mistaken. The NRA has actually DONE plenty - just that what it's done has brought great harm to this country, her Citizenry and their rights- not to mention negotiate away to the point war, civil war, is afoot.

Jim Klein said...

So this guy takes his wild imaginations--which aren't even sensible in the first place--and proceeds to sacrifice principle, as if his wild fantasies were all fact. Tell me this ain't epistemology.

This had me nearly out of my chair, to which I offer two words...

"..the cops are smart enough to intercept ostensibly felonious gun owners away from their homestead, using speed, surprise and overwhelming force."

David Koresh. He actually mentions Waco as if that could happen, yet combines it with the idea that it won't happen. Talk about cognitive dissonance.

Among his many errors was the absurd contention that if folk come from out-of-state to CT, it'll be "not many." Wrong...IF that happens, it'll be so overwhelming that heads will spin.

buck shot in the woods said...

I would like to see the state government move at the right moment
?Bottom line: they will move against Constitution State gun owners in violation of the law when the time is right. The good news: the cops in charge of making the collar will make damn sure that any firearms confiscation campaign is a complete success?? hahaha this makes me laugh how are they going to proceed against 100k plus gun owners...
full of B.S
theres gonna be a lot of blood on both sides and this could trigger a civil war...

Mark said...

thanks for post
it is really amazing

Chris Mallory said...

Farago's parents were both immigrants. He has no connection to the history of this nation and a profound dislike of it's traditions and the traditional American population. See his numerous comments and insults about "OFWG" old fat white guys. You are right about the pimping. He jumped from cars to guns simply to make money. The blog Walls of the City has a fairly long take down of Farago.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Vanderboegh,
This is the meme that just seems to keep on giving. It is a Hitler/bunker/Downfall parody re: Connecticut and the recent 2A suppression there.

My prayers for your continued recovery.

Robert Fowler said...

Since the politicians names and addresses have been published in multiple places, groups of 4 or 5 gun owners should get together in each district, go to their politicians home (unarmed) and knock on the door. Just a friendly visit to say “Hi” and we know where you live. Put the fear that God gave us into them and see some results.

Of course a lot of them are demanding “protection”. If I was the CLEO in their AO, I’d tell them no, you made your bed, you lie in it. Why should a copper (that might agree with the gun owners) be put in harms way because politicians don’t have the sense to pour piss out of a boot?

Anonymous said...

The game inside the DC beltway is rigged for the common citizen to be shut out, exploited, and treated as sheep.
While I do not support everything the NRA does, if the game is rigged, I prefer having players that cause anti-gun politicians loose bowels. Without their influence "inside the DC beltway", last April's senate vote could have gone the other way, and it would be a CT, NY, MD, CO etc, al. On a national level. However, they do keep that weenie wagon tuned up.

VonZorch said...

The NRA is the nations oldest and largest pro gun control organization.

Anton said...

Why don't you Sipsey Street Irregulars come and shoot it out with Connecticut's State Troopers, if you're all so confidant that you're the SEAL Team Six equivalent of modern-day Minutemen, eh?

Anonymous said...

when the first shot is fired and the first gun confiscated and the first citizen killed and the first LEO is killed...then the NRA will be shown for what it really is...a go along to get along DC political shown by Conn. of all places our founders Constitution is not respected at all....but more importantly the citizens freedom and liberty from government tyranny is shown to be totaly ignored by politicians and the NRA....imho

Anonymous said...

Anton, You poor unfortunate soul. Don't you know what happens when the wolves come home?

Please watch with an open mind, as it seems you have either been a plant from our own .gov, Or simply a misguided indoctrinated sheep.

OBTW, God Bless your lemming mentality. Poor Sod.

Cameraman said...

Hey Anton!! How do you know We Won"t


Semper Fi

Anonymous said...

Hell! ... Some OFWGs still have their '03 Springfields.

Bought 4,500 TW42 'black tips' in the 1970s to scavenge the milspec IMR4895 ... kept the projectiles.

Still got one more new RA 2-42 barrel too.


Anonymous said...

I made a comment on TTAG concerning Farago's apparent desire to ride the 2ndA all the way to a slot as one of the MSM's
Talking Heads For Reasonable Gun Control and now find myself unable to post there any more

Anonymous said...

Looks like Conn is ripe for a CSP/ATF fundraiser.

Anonymous said...

That site should be called The Lies About Guns. Its basically a front for selling overpriced ammo and other doodads thru his various associations. Farago constantly whines about Bloombergs anti guns milfs as "intolerant thin skinned humorless harpies" then deletes commentary by anybody who points out various mis truths and flat out BS on his message board. The depth of his hypocrisy is astounding. And dont dare insult his precious 1911.

William Burke said...

You should go there right now. I was kicked off, while over the years, I defended him from people who openly called him "traitor", "dirty jew"...

This past week, I was banned from posting, forever. None of his "moderators" seem to have been told about it. And he would not state a reason for it. BIG African/Jewish/whatever is the bull of the day.

You should go on the site. All the regulars from the past years, save people like Ralph (who I love) and a handful of others are also gone, and a whole bunch of oddly-opinioned luke warm new people are there now.

I saw these invaders nearly a month ago, and called them out. I'm old enough to see when a site has been taken over.

A whole lot of the long-timers have suddenly disappeared. In their place are dozens of users I never saw before.

I hate making wild accusations, but I am starting to believe Farago has just been bought out by Bloomberg.

If anyone hears of him buying a grand house in Austin, I hope you will let us know!