Monday, March 3, 2014

Obama could cut Russian ammo imports as response to Ukraine crisis

David Codrea comments on my Sunday post: Why even the most isolationist and unconcerned Fudd should care about the Ukraine -- Poof! There goes the Russian ammo supply.


Anonymous said...

... and remember that the excellent Hornady 'Training' ammo is loaded into Tula steel cases too.


Anonymous said...

You'd almost (almost) think that Putin and Obaomao had planned this in advance.
Nnaaaaahhhhh. That would require too much thinking on Teh One'z part. But Putin. . . . .? Now HE would be capable and devious enough to plan this kind of action and reaction.

B Woodman

Ed said...

When Russian vodka imports are halted, it will be time to pay attention.

Otherwise, here is a list of the top ten things that the U.S. does import from Russia:

"Russia’s exports to America amounted to $30.1 billion or 0.3% of overall US imports.

1. Oil: $21.9 billion
2. Iron and steel: $2.1 billion
3. Inorganic chemicals: $1.3 billion
4. Gems, precious metals, coins: $825.6 million
5. Aluminum: $745.9 million
6. Iron or steel products: $313.2 million
7. Nickel: $304.7 million
8. Other base metals: $260.3 million
9. Fish: $231.3 million
10. Rubber: $199.9 million"

The "other base metals" category is important, including tungsten and scandium:

Sean said...

Right now, Tulammo, and Wolf are $5.19 for a 20 rd box, at Academy, in Texas. Spam cans of .223 steel case and X54 and X39 as well, available.