Saturday, October 12, 2013

Congressman Stockman Investigating ATF use of IRS & Perjury to Target Kountze, TX Pastor

An ATF agent, Tom Harm, is being investigated for allegedly using the IRS to target a Kountze, TX pastor, Tony Thornton. Harm, a former IRS agent, was caught on a recording telling Mr. Thornton that he is going to snoop around in the pastor’s finances and taxes. Next thing you know, Mr. Thornton’s personal, business, and ministry tax returns were all three hit with audits at the same time. Where did at least one of the audits come from? None other than that corrupt Cincinnati, Ohio IRS office that is now famous for targeting conservative groups. The audits all came back clear, but the point is that if it is true that Mr. Thornton was targeted by the IRS via this ATF agent, and the evidence suggests that it is, then this is a HUGE problem. It is illegal and must be stopped.
This is not just about a local pastor and an ATF agent. This is about the ATF having the ability to get the IRS to target anyone they want with an audit. This is one of the big reasons that Congressman Steve Stockman’s office has started an investigation. Regardless of what you think about the pastor, if the ATF agent can target this pastor, then who else has he and will he target using the IRS? Who knows, maybe I will be targeted next because the ATF agent does not like this article I wrote?

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SWIFT said...

Doesn't this illegal activity, by government thugs, date back to Al Capone? My take on the situation is, that this activity has become so common place, that it is no longer thought of as illegal. Even our congress engages the IRS against political enemies. Congressman Stockman may be opening a 55 gallon drum of worms. But, if it takes down even one ATF agent, I'm all for it. Light on a cockroach.