Saturday, August 17, 2013

Meanwhile, three lessons in what passes for economics in the collectivist paradise that used to be called Rhodesia.

Policeman rapes 14-year-old girl, 'compensates' her with US $2.
Bulawayo man (29) sells fresh foreskin to 2 women for US $150.
Zim guy who married Bona Mugabe identified, President Mugabe didn't charge much.
The Chikore family paid a bride prize, but reporters could not establish how much was paid or the number of cattle the President would receive.
"He (President Mugabe) did not charge much. He said he was, more than anything else, interested in seeing that the new couple lived happily together first," said the source . . .


Anonymous said...

I can see the USA descending into a $#it hole like this 3rd world nation if O'Bongo keeps the current path for us. Time to CLEAN HOUSE in DC and start fresh (from the top down).

Anonymous said...

Obamacare = the foreskin story. How many foreskins will it take for a years coverage?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, cleaning the house from the top down is a much larger task than one might think. Best to clean up the back yard and work your way to the top. The game at the top is obviously rigged. Take a look at locals (school boards, city counsels and county commissioners, ect ect.)To see the smaller tyrants and their actions and how they maintain control. Don't get me wrong, they are thick as thieves and don't give a crap about right or wrong, only what's in it for them. The seed of centralized government has been planted by the government propaganda camps for a very long time. States were "free" to join the Union, but are not "free" to leave it? Indivisible indeed.