Monday, August 19, 2013

A cautionary tale of chronic and multiple insufficiency: Caliber, marksmanship, spare magazines, common sense and morality (not necessarily in that order).

Youth Beaten to Death After Shooting at Group
On Monday afternoon, Mr. Lyles opened fire with a .32 caliber semiautomatic pistol on a group of young men standing in front of a building in the Edenwald project, the police said. When he failed to hit anyone, and perhaps ran out of bullets, witnesses and the police said, his targets gave chase. What followed, the police said, was an immediate act of retribution that, in a neighborhood known for gun violence, was unusual in its sustained brutality.


SWIFT said...

I agree with Ms. Luciano, let them all kill themselves. Had the shooter been apprehended by police, he would have gotten a few years in prison. After all, no one died, the prisons are full and the perp was a juvenile. I have to believe that in their neighborhood, prison time is considered a badge of honor. There is more permanency to the way it was handled.

FedUp said...

Agree with the anonymous man on the street, he got street justice.

Or call it self defense in killing somebody who already tried to kill you once and will likely try it again.

Anonymous said...

1. Bring enough gun.

2. Don't hold it like they do on MTV.

Word verification ( what some should say to Obama: "UPrict

Anonymous said...

Whether the 'justice' meted out by the potential 'victims' was 'proper' or not, this article had a couple of the liberal spin such activities generally contain. Specifically, 'gun violence' - how many times do we have to keep reminding everyone (including ourselves apparently)that guns are inanimate objects (tools)- therefore they are incapable of 'acting' by themselves - it is the actions by the person wielding the tool that are violent (or not). And then of course the 'live by the gun, die by the gun' comment - unless the crowd used the gun to beat him with.

Anonymous said...

Take a note: Always have plenty of ammo on hand regardless of what is going on, always have extra.

Ed said...

What caliber and mineral type was that rock?
what size and type were the shoes used to stomp him?
Will Bloomberg now come out for rock and shoe control?
Can we expect a Mayors Against Rock Violence or a Mayors Against Shoe Violence to be formed?