Saturday, February 2, 2013

More along the lines of the absolute futility of firearm confiscation.

How to make a simple 9mm zip gun.


Liberty or Death said...

With all the small machine shops in garages, some really good Wellrod plans would be in order. Upgraded of course using conical baffles rather than flat washers and wipes as well as instructions to bore and rifle the barrels for it. Harbor Freight has 7x10 precision lathes for $500. Something to think about ;)

Dave said...

This'll be handy if they ever have a buyback in my area. A weekend in my garage oughta be enough time to show up with a duffel bag full of zipguns(maybe with a few four winds shotguns mixed in for variety), then make my way back up the line with an empty bag & a fistfull of dollars.

jdege said...

BadCyborg said...

One of the commenters asked why a zip gun? It occurs to me that, unlike the French in WWII, we won't have any nice Americans stamping out Liberators for us to use to start building our own arsenal. A zip gun would seem to me be be very much the functional equivalent of the Liberator.

Anonymous said...

Getting to this post late, but I did a price check on the Menards website.

3/8 coupling - $1.19
2" 3/8 pipe = $0.64
3/8 to 1/4 adapter (brass) = $2.64
Rubber gloves (2 pack) = $1.67
3/16" Colbalt Drill bit = $3.98
Roll of Duct Tape = $3.37

All of these things could be purchased by a child for a total of $13.49. If you have the basic hardware at home already then buying the three metal pipe segments would only run you $4.47.

Like Dave suggested, buy $100 worth of metal parts, make 20 zip guns, and let the local buyback program give you $2,000 in gift cards for them. Not a bad deal!