Saturday, February 2, 2013

Another bravely anonymous post from that other country run by and for collectivists.

"One Hundred Heads, my arse. Your 'counting coup Indian' is probably 75 years old with diabetes, Alzheimers, and serious arthritis who can barely get out of bed in the morning. I think we'll do just fine against you lot. In fact, you're barely the work of a few days." Comment on "Shock the System"? Better to shock the war makers with their own vulnerability.
Interesting phrase, "against you lot." Makes him sound like one of those Piers Morgan self-gelded Brits.


Anonymous said...

Scoped hunting rifles from 400 meters. Even old guys can shoot. Molon Labe you stupid Bastard.

Anonymous said...

Even if Mike goes down due to illness, doesn't mean we're all in the same poor condition.
PRojection, gotta love it.

B Woodman

WarriorClass said...

The bigger problem is that half the country has no idea of natual law, or the governing philosphy of the Founding Fathers, or what it means to be an American. This ignorance can be attributed to two problems:

1. Forced government schooling. This is nothing but a tool of the power hungery to keep the population ignorant and indoctrinated in believing in the "expert" ruling class that they must obey.

2. The Immigration Reform Act of 1965. If you can't get the population to accept a ruling class, change the population. The massive influx of socialist brainwashed Eurotrash and third world bottom feeders who know nothing but totalitarian rule, come here for economic advantage, but tend to try and remake their new land in the image of their homeland. Close to half of the population of the US is here as a result of that Act, and that doesn't include illegal aliens. This combined with the "work" and "student" visas makes natural born Americans a displaced minority in their own land, with many of the best job and educational opportunities taken by foriegners.

This was by design, people. The intent is to get rid of freedom loving Americans, and they are well on their way.

The question is now, what will us Americans do about it? Hopfully the same thing our ancestors did - fight and win. My fellow Americans, steel yourselves and set your minds to the fact that you will have to fight to get your country back. This is not a battle you will win at the ballot box; you are going to have to kill your ememies and expel those not killed off of our shores.

Anonymous said...

Its a TROLL; ignore the the little girlie man. Posts like this are to get members of the "freefor" to make threats, Its a form of swating.

Anonymous said...

The First Amendment is there you see,
We can say when and what we please.
And the Second one is there,
To keep us all free.

Some want to take our rights away,
But it won’t happen on this day.
They will continue to try in another way,
Freedom will be a gun shot away.

They wish to take our guns from us,
And they are trying to make a fuss.
This old vet say’s no they can’t,
I took an oath and went to Nam.

Many have died to keep us free,
I will too, if need be.
In seventy one I passed the test,
And served with Americas best.

Fingerprinted and photo,
For owning a gun.
I don’t think so
You communist son.

MOLON LABE is the battle cry,
Gun from my hand you will have to pry.
The oath I took on another day,
Is still in force and you will pay!

A brave man I will never be,
Until you take my rights from me.
Liberal socialists I despise,
It’s hard to wait for their demise !!!

(Posted without attribution, my apologies to the author if he is offended but I thought it best to do that here. I'll let you decide where and when to use your name.)

Hefferman said...

I am not that Indian, but I will be your Huckelberry anytime you want.
I am not 75 or sick.

Lets say .308s at 1000 yards.
I have made that shot before, and can do it again.
Semper Fi

Joel said...

Wonder who he means by "we?" I doubt he's including himself.

Temnota said...

Let the collectivists enjoy their caricatures. They get to feel all happy and superior, and we get to refrain from interrupting an enemy while he is making a mistake. Win-win.

CowboyDan said...

Maybe it IS Piers.

Trinity said...

Our brave anon "warrior" commented, "Your 'counting coup Indian' is probably 75 years old with diabetes, Alzheimers, and serious arthritis who can barely get out of bed in the morning."

Perhaps, but he's still a better man today than you'll ever be.

IF the SHTF for real in this country at least the aged warrior would give his best for his country. People like our pathetic ad hominem spewing anon "warrior" would be hiding under his mother's dress in fear sucking his thumb wondering why over half of this country's finest active duty and retired highly trained military warriors are on the side of the patriots fighting a corrupt regime's collectivist alphabet soup Gestapo agencies (DHS, BATF, etc.).

But don't be too hard on our intrepid collectivist warrior. The reason he can only spew belittling insults and ad hominem attacks is because his government drone indoctrination (school) left him with an empty intellectual quiver of critical thinking and logic. He has been trained to act as a conduit of the collective narrative.

Nous Defions...

Matt Hooper. said...

Seems to forgot those of us in our 20's who sit quietly and read the works of older, wiser, men. -A 27 year old combat veteran.

Anonymous said...

Here is something for all of you who hate the NRA.

NRA Winning the Influence Battle Over Gun Control

excerpted from

By: Bruce Rogers, Forbes Staff


The gun control debate is clearly one of the most contentious and controversial issues in America today. And the battle over gun control is now being waged through intensive media campaigns from both sides of the political spectrum to influence public opinion and to assert pressure on policy makers. So who’s winning? To find out, we turned to objective data provided exclusively to Forbes Insights by Appinions, the influence marketing platform. Keep in mind Forbes Insights has no agenda other than to shed research light on the process of measuring influence and what we can learn from it. The facts are objective, whatever your perspective on the issue may be. We certainly don’t aim to promote either side and are just stating the facts of influence and who is leading or gaining ground through the lens of influence.

Forbes Insights and Appinions looked at the data for the week prior to the Sandy Hook tragedy and trended the data over the subsequent 5 weeks to determine the ebb and flow over the gun control debate. We found that the NRA and the pro-gun rights voices are winning the influence battle and will continue to be strong and more influential if the pro gun control voice remains fragmented. On the flip side, the pro gun control voice could certainly gain influence if they establish a more united voice. Here are some other interesting observations from the data:
Republican politicians are missing from the debate. The debate is an influence battle between President Barack Obama’s Democrats and Wayne LaPierre’s NRA. Of the top 25 stakeholders in the debate, there is only 1 prominent Republican politician (Chris Christie – who is pro-gun control). Barack Obama leads the pro-gun control voice with a net influence score of 268. LaPierre leads the anti-gun control side with a net influence score of 240.

It’s a Marathon, not a sprint. It seems the NRA has the stamina to out-run the pro-gun control movement. They are persistent, un-yielding and gaining influence. It will be interesting to see how the pro-gun control voice responds and how the influence between the two groups changes as the debate persists.
The pro-gun rights voice is rapidly gaining influence while the pro-gun control voice has tapered in recent weeks. Momentum is shifting and the gun control debate is becoming a platform benefiting gun rights advocates.

The pro–gun control group is fragmented whereas the pro-gun rights voice is united and strong. Of the top influencers on the pro-gun rights side, the majority of the most prominent voices are from the NRA. The pro-gun control voice is split between Obama and several gun control advocacy groups which dilutes the message.

Anonymous said...

Some of us may be old but we have taught our children and their children how to do things . As we get older and see the way this old world is changing for the worst we can see that it may be up to us to save it. I remember my own father being told that his time card was running out and had about half year left ,he said he didn't care if the elites wanted to start something He was willing to do as he did during WW 2 " give his all ".
Dad said he'd been on borrowed time since his first battle and might as well go out for something noble . So never under estimate the sick or the old citizens .

Anonymous said...

Well they obviously have no idea that there were back in April 19, 1775 some very Danderous Old Men (DOM) like Samuel Whittemore AND that those very same kind of DOMs exit yet today. I know of several. Let the haters live in their ignorance. After all DOM gots nothing to lose but their lives. For they will live their lives only as Free Men.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...very interesting statements about health status. The majority of the oathbreakers are currently mainlining statins and beta blockers while their livers and kidneys rot away from alcohol that temporarily keeps their service piece out of their mouth. Remember, we don't have to run to you, as mentioned above. When will these basement breed welfare children discover 4GW?

Historian said...

Your anonymouse would do well to consider the fate of the "Blue Devil" division in operation Market Garden. They were shot to pieces and rendered combat ineffective by an ad hoc 'battalion' of old men, mostly Jaegers, German hunters, armed with an assortment of hunting rifles. The old men, outnumbered more than 10 to 1, and facing elite young paratroops armed with the latest weaponry, slaughtered their much younger and fitter opponents using superior woodcraft and marksmanship.

Let us all hope that the subject under discussion remains hypothetical, but if it does not, I would expect history to rhyme once again.

ebd10 said...

"In fact, you're barely the work of a few days."

Seems like the Limeys said that the first time we mixed it up. Now? Now there are more of us than there are of you, and we don't like you any more now than we did then.

Meister said...

Even the most crippled patriot is worth ten thousand collectivists.

Roger J said...

A man, whatever his age, who is fighting FOR an ideal, will find a way to make a contribution...and ditto for a woman with convictions. Collectivist dreck such as the (apparently Brit) commenter have no belief in God, or in the principles of free men, only in their elitist leaders. When the trial takes place, a belief in mere elitism is insufficient to win victory.

SWIFT said...

Trinity @10:03AM, "...hiding under his mothers dress........" I was think more along the lines of his father's dress. Could be wrong.

bubba said...

I served with some of them forty years ago, I still visit with them today and can guarantee that my brothers are neither too sick nor too frail. They are honorable men and understand duty as well as anyone I know.

Anonymous said...

Never take an 'Old Guy' too cheap for experience has taught him:
1) Marksmanship
2) That he does not want to be hurt ... again
3) Distain for 'fair play' in combat
4) The value of Liberty

Instead of arguing; warning or backing down the 'Old Guy' will just plain shoot your sorry ass.


Anonymous said...

Old and sick, eh. You know who else was old and sick? Capt. John Parker.

Gunny G said...

Dear Anon,

Shot competitively rifle/pistol in the Corps, taught marksmanship, and STILL, at 50, banging the "X" ring.

Stick your head up bitch and I'll bust your grape at 0-1000 yds and let the air out.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Sounds to me a lot like that "Laci the Dog" dipshit, who apparently likes pretending to be British, or something:

You lot


LordChamp said...

Yep plenty of us OLD riflemen out there waiting to see idiots like this one 500 yards down range.

Oh was that a deer? Nope was a liberal idiot. Oh well, same shot for us. What 10 million or so deer hunters out there?

Even 1% of those spread around the nation would cause mayhem. Imagine if there were 10% or 50%.

Age wouldn't matter too much then now would it?

I would advise treading lightly.

Crustyrusty said...

Almost 50 here, aches to get out of bed in the morning, got trifocals now, can still hit 500 yards with standard A1 iron sights. Bite me.

Anonymous said...

As long as th wind blows, the promise stands. A warrior's promise toanother.

Anonymous said...

Being an Old man I am comforted by the fact that my choices are dictated more by how much time I have left and how best to use it wisely and that if I succeed I will rest in better company than those who outlive me.
If I fail I'll get to expire at the hands of some mutt in a nursing home or euthanasia factory.. not likely.

Its a win, win !

Yank lll

oughtsix said...

I would advise treading lightly.

February 2, 2013 at 4:01 PM

To paraphrase Val Kilmer's Doc Holiday,

"No, by all means... tread heavily!"

Say when!

pdxr13 said...

A starving collectivist in the woods, and not a deer? Waste of a proper expensive hand-load, that was. He's no good, even for sausage, and he's wearing wet Chinese cotton. Look at the pustules and brain fever, his liver's half-rotted out at 28! Bury him deep, or the wolves will get rabies from the carcass.

Obviously, the commenter didn't bother to do a quick search of what "100 heads" relates to at SSI. Pretty sure he's not on that distinguished list, and will get to die in the food riots or of dehydration.


Paul X said...

"Another bravely anonymous post from that other country run by and for collectivists."

Actually, there should be another country run by and for them. It's called "panarchy" (look it up). Or it's called "secession". There has to be a place for hoplophobes to live too. They can stew in their own juices there. They obviously wouldn't be in any condition to take over their more rational neighbors, being disarmed.

Anonymous said...

Hey Limey remember this and don't ever forget it. If it wasn't for us you and the French would be speaking German right now. Mind your own damn socialist business.

oughtsix said...

"?Hey Limey... Mind your own damn socialist business."

Whadya expect from guys that call each other "matey?"

Limp dicked, pencil necked, high drag, low speed, no load, incompetent, zero sperm count vaginal rejects.

Dr. Ben Dover Rx:

High dose IV testosterone and a heavy dose of actual HISTORY, especially the Foundational Principles of America.

Or just ESAD.

Phelps said...

75? How about an 80 year old man like Samuel Whittemore?

Give us 1000 80 year old men like him, and that will be more than enough to take on a few traitors made up of mashed donuts and old coffee held together by a cheap kevlar vest.