Friday, February 8, 2013

How best to treat froggy collectivist politicians.

Crowd packs heat; Oak Harbor backs down


Anonymous said...

The last line:

"After the meeting, [Councilmember Almberg ] said he hopes the city can move past this and get onto more important business."

EXCUSE ME?!!!? What could POSSIBLY be more important than our constitutional rights. This is an overt example of how politicians really feel about the Constitution, and it REALLY pisses me off!

Frederick H Watkins said...

If you listen to what some politicians say and how they say it, one would believe that they believe they rule us. So, it's about time something like that happened.

SWIFT said...

The people should vote Rick Almberg out of office. Failing that, put him on a list.

Anonymous said...

"How best to treat froggy collectivist politicians."

Do I have to say it?

Send your "requests" via "air mail."

Anonymous said...

Insert quote from Chairman Mao about gun barrels and political power here.