Thursday, February 7, 2013

DHS to conveniently stash 21.6 million rounds for the New Mexico militia and state authorities in the event of civil war.

Prison Planet (not one of my favorite sources -- or the most reliable -- as readers know) has an interesting article DHS Purchases 21.6 Million More Rounds of Ammunition." However, this one is sourced from this DHS solicitation for 21.6 million rounds for the new anti-terrorism center in Artesia NM.
As I read it, it looks like 21.6 million rounds to me, with the quantities ordered. For example, 100 quantity of 100,000 rounds for the first line item.
My first reaction is that is surely a nice ammo dump for DHS to conveniently stash 21.6 million rounds for the New Mexico militia and state authorities in the event of civil war.


TimeHasCome said...

Wait till they carve Obamas image on Mount Rushmore ... Check out the Daily Kos and Fox News or type in Obama+Rushmore and do your own research. Must be completed by 2018

kadar said...

Take note that they want it 30 days. Not spread out over years as with other previous orders.

This will push the manufacturers expectation of a return to "normalcy" from 12/2013 to even further back.

I have a feeling that these orders are going to become a monthly item.

Anonymous said...

Their has been and their currently is more ammunition being bought than being reported .Civil unrest is coming and everybody knows it ! Everybody is backing up the bus and loading it up for what is yet to come . Can you hear the Rebels coming ?

Anonymous said...

Read it - it's only 240,000 rd
Still a nice stash

kadar said...

"Anonymous said...

Read it - it's only 240,000 rd
Still a nice stash"

You are missing the QTY.

Item 001, 100,000 ROUNDS times 100
Item 002, 100,000 ROUNDS times 100
Item 003, 40,000 ROUNDS times 40

Skip said...

How hard is it to break into a conex box?

carlwk3c said...

Yea, nice stash, but the statement that it's convenient is inaccurate. NM is a long drive. I live in PA.

CowboyDan said...

So where else are they gonna stash ammo? Like, if you or I need extra, where should we go nd when?

JudgementComes said...

The photo of the ammo dump going up at Khe San is indelibly etched in my brain.

Theoretically speaking, as always, of course, an insurgency can either take it or destroy it.

The question of where is at least as important as 'how many' isn't it? Theoretically of course.

And then there is question of when? When will it be delivered and when will it be distributed ? Theoretically. Of course.

Didn't the War College already plan to kill civilians? Theoretically? So who is getting past the outrage and planning a theoretical insurgency? For academic purposes of course.

Absolved ... ?

I would love to buy them lunch, and maybe dinner.

Anonymous said...

About Mount Rushmore...It's gonna be a damn challenge to get up there and take an accurate dump on his face!

There were no fatalities originally because no one was shooting at the sculptors.

Anonymous said...


"The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has recently made a purchase of 200,000 rounds of ammunition, and this is added to the 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition already secured by the DHS over the last 9 months alone. The winner of the contract for these bullets was Evian Group of Las Vegas, NV., the previous winner of similar contracts totaling 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition.
Two things stand out about the contracts with Evian Group: 1. The Evian Group was formed less than one week before the contract for this DHS ammunition was posted (originally posted on the website on December 17 on behalf of the DHS Federal Law Enforcement Training Center). 2. The address for the Evian Group seems to be a spot on the tarmac at McCarran International Airport rather that a legal physical location. Here is the official Corporation information for Evian Group Inc. of Las Vegas, as documented by the Secretary of State of Nevada, Ross Miller. I would think that Mr. Miller would know that the address provided for this corporation is vacant land. Google the address from the information provided by the Secretary of State of Nevada (105 South Eastern Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89123) and see if I am correct.

Now just what does the DHS need with all this ammunition, and why has the state of Nevada granted a certificate of corporation to an entity that has no real physical address? I am sure by the time this all is made public the Obama Administration will "brush it off" as more "Right Wing Nonsense". But when you tie this information with the rush by Obama to ban all guns, and assault weapons in particular, isn't it logical to think that the DHS is preparing for some type of offensive action against someone? Now just who could "Big Sis" have her sights focused on?

The Second Amendment is all about the ability of the American citizen to protect himself/herself against the unlawful actions of the Federal Government. It has nothing to do with hunting rights, hunting traditions, or self defense against criminals. It is time to legally remove this fraud, B.H. Obama, from office, and to restore the Constitution as the "Law of the Land".
Lord Howard Hurts

Anonymous said...

I know where Indiana's stash is at. I'll be stopping by soon to get mine.

Anonymous said...

Can we rely upon fools at newspapers to print the addresses of these ammo stashes?

Perhaps - if they really want to redeem themselves ...


Anonymous said...

Do you all really believe these number`s ?. Sound`s more like frightened kid`s whistling in a grave yard. Would the government 'LIE ' about anything ?. Surely not ! . Not on Obama`s watch !.