Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dead Elephant Party Elite Proposes Purge of Tea Party Candidates

“The guys who fund groups like Rove’s want to re-establish that they’re in charge, but they just don’t understand the inevitable decentralization and democratization of politics.”


Anonymous said...

If the GOP wants to remain an effective political party it must purge Rove and other statists in its executive ranks. By attacking the "TEA Party" its become transparent the GOP is far more intent upon maintaining the status quo than responding to expressed needs and desires from the electorate.

The TEA Party" isn't a political party ! Its a movement ! And because its adherents span the entire political spectrum, it scares the hell out of the "machine mobsters" now controlling our major parties. The electorate having thelr hand in the congressional pie ? Sacriledge ! >Jeff

CruzMissile said...

They still don't get it. I left the republican party about 10 years ago and do not support them. Just like the democratic party, they have forgotten about "we" the people and are more concerned with what the party wants.

During the last mid term elections, they took a beating by the tea party. Still, they said that they would not support the tea party elected members. And they wonder why members are leaving?

The only difference between republicans and democrats is that one wants to ban abortion and the other does not. Basically, they have all turned into demoplicans and repucrats.

Jhn1 said...

When they push the Tea Party supporters out, some will sit down (not vote Rethug either) and some will join an existing most likely the Constitution Party (most/all? states already?)

Anonymous said...

How stupid can these prick`s get ?. Between Herr Karl Rove and the prediction`s of Clinton`s errand boy Dick Morris , the Republicrat party IS finished. They screwed themselves. Even the Sheeple of Amerika will get tired of being stabbed in the back eventually .