Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cluster Coitus in Kalifornia

San Diego Cops in Standoff with Wrong Guy in Christopher Dorner Manhunt


Roger J said...

They're so used to throwing their weight around and terrorizing civilians (and shooting homeowners' dogs) that they descend into panic mode when facing a real adversary who strikes when and where he pleases. This is very instructive. While I do not support or sympathize with Mr Dorner, imagine what six men like him with a real agenda could do.

Anonymous said...

Mike, You need to use the name of the former Egyptian "Cluster Farouk"

SWIFT said...

Chris Dorner in one dangerous man. But, I'd be more afraid of a thousand California police officers, who've already shown they are willing to engage in attempted murder, of innocent people. The article states that the shooting of the two mail delivery people was a case of mistaken identity. Yeah, I can see where they'd make that mistake: Two females, oriental, probably long hair, look just like a man bigger than a 155 howitzer. Yep! That excuse has my vote !

Anonymous said...

If you dig a little deeper, you'll see that cops all over Southern California are shooting at literally anyone! White women, Mexicans, ANY ONE... INDISCRIMINATELY.

If they're taking this big of a sh!t over one well-trained ex-cop/ex-vet, just imagine how crazy they'll get over the militia hitting back?

The scary thing about this is all of the collateral these Cali cops are willing to create. If that's the way they're gonna be, we may as well start calling them Einsatzgruppen!

MamaLiberty said...

"San Diego police detective Gary Hassen said a military facility near Spanish Landing Park was placed on lockdown late-Thursday morning"

Lockdown? A MILITARY facility? Unless it was a "military" day care center, one would assume that they could manage to take care of themselves. Of course, there's always the possibility they've all been disarmed, and the "guard" at the gate has not bolt in his rifle. Such insanity.

This gets nuttier and nuttier.

Anonymous said...

Living proof the GRAND UNIFIED THEORY OF STUPIDITY is alive and well. I'd bet 1k they'll kill one or more innocents before this is over, and every single cop who shoots will never see a day in court. I also submit they'll pump a thousand rounds into this guy when they find him, swiss cheese notwithstanding. I also submit the reason for his so called revenge will never see the light of day. LA law enforcement is the plumb bob of corruption and rogue cop "gangs". After all..the Sherriff's department just fired seven of them for belonging to a clandestine gang of cops who were part of ..yep..a GANG control unit.

These clowns never cease to fucking amaze me. The Sherriff's department must use Barnum and Baily for recruiting.

Anonymous said...

quote:"If they're taking this big of a sh!t over one well-trained ex-cop/ex-vet, just imagine how crazy they'll get over the militia hitting back?"unquote...

Nuttier and nuttier notwithstanding, they ARE getting crazy. Now the DHS/LEO/MILITARY are carrying out "joint" exercises using helicopters and shooting over cities. I KNOW what they are trying to do now. They are "trying" to get the "populace" in cities used to seeing and hearing mass Military surveillance and shootings. Welcome to Orwell's Amerika on steroids.
Furthermore, after watching the pathetic hearings where our pond scum Senators were "grilling"(ROTFLMFAO)Brennen about Drones/murdering American citizens, I give it less than a year before they vaporize a citizen with a drone...mistake or not. And that WILL be the GREAT MOMENT IN MONUMENTAL GOVERNMENT STUPIDITY that will ...well, you know. No more free Waco's.

Here is a prelude in Houston
And one in Miami.

coming to a neighborhood near you soon...just like I predicted a year ago. SheeeezusHfuckingcrist. When is this nation gonna wake up.

Jim said...

I found this in one of the articles. It is very telling about the SoCal police. Would probably apply to police anywhere similar circumstances occur. Hmm.

They're in a special state of consciousness right now, and they're not used to being hunted.

Paul X said...

This fellow sure handled his little escapade with the cops well. Looks like the kind to have around when things go weird.