Sunday, February 10, 2013

And they want to trust these incompetent guys with MORE power and authority over our lives?

"Somebody broke into Fearless Distributing?!? They can't do that! We're the ATF!"
ATF's Milwaukee 'Fearless' storefront had little to ward off burglars

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SWIFT said...

Salkin, the property owner, is told by an ATF attorney to stop contacting the agency, or he will be charged with "threatening a federal agent". A first step in dispensing justice in this case, would be for Salkin to file a civil case against that ATF attorney for "color of law", official oppression, denial of rights and threats of violence to further a political agenda. The last, though weak, would place the ATF attorney in the category of a domestic terrorist. The ATF admittedly stacked charges against the felons they did business with, so, turn about being fair play, Salkin should do the same. Leverage can play both ways.