Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Well, here's a big surprise.

Hacker "Sabu" was an FBI plant for months.


Anonymous said...


Issa is a doing an "AMA" on Reddit right now:

Get in there and ask that spineless bastard some questions.

AJ said...

Funny how the FBI ends up being behind all of these "threats"

Anonymous said...

1.) The FBI recruits a Confidential Informant, hoping to infiltrating chatrooms and message boards.

2.) This is the Confidential Informant's modus operandi:

"'Sabu' was talking about literally starting physical attacks," said [Anonymous member] Hanff. "The agenda was to move to more physical attacks on political targets."

Hanff said that the 'Sabu' from the chat room had endeavoured to agitate impressionable young people into performing acts of real damage over the past months.

"Every time I tried to get Anonymous members to calm down, I was attacked by 'Sabu'," said Hanff. "He was actively pushing the group to become more and more aggressive."

Gee, doesn't this "Sabu" guy sound a lot like (not his real name)? ;^)