Saturday, March 3, 2012

Taking the day to rest.



Happy D said...

No Prob take care.

Anonymous said...

No need for apology, sleep well.

haralsons said...

NO sorrys! Take time. The time between finding the toumor and surgery for me was the most stressfull time yet at the same time at least I knew what was wrong. But, I wanted those things out of me now so I could get on with things. Still praying for benign.

Take time.

Anonymous said...

Apolgies not accepted. Not applicable. Concerve your energies. Let the whirling dervishes whirl. It's what they do whether they have your attention or not.

oughtsix said...

And tomorrow, and as many as are necessary.

You have carried a very heavy burden now, for many years.

Please, take whatever time you need for yourself. No one deserves it more.

With deep gratitude,


Jensko said...

Don't be sorry. Get some needed rest.

Anonymous said...

Give me a fracken break!
Sorry for what?

Thanks for letting us know. You are in our Prayers.