Thursday, March 1, 2012

David Codrea: ‘Operation #EFAD’ using social media to send anti-tyranny message.

Excellent interview.


SWIFT said...

Matthew Bracken is going to have ATF/FBI/Homies/DoD on him like stink on shit! Black bag jobs on his car, house and business, if he has one. My bet says the FBI/ATF/Homies/DoD run (not walk) to their lickspittles in the MSM and begin the demonization process. ALL stops will be pulled to marginalize this patriot. Depending on Mr. Bracken's success, Mr. Bracken's file will be turned over to what use to be called "Division Five" of the FBI. Division Five is staffed by the real knuckle draggers who engage in illegal wiretaps, arson, bombings, murder and other career enhancing measures. They are, as Lord Wellington once described his men at Waterloo ,"the scum of the earth"! It is my fervent hope that Mr. Bracken can convince other SEALS, former vets from all services and patriots in general, to stand fast against the coming police state. It should give pause to the PTB that the patriot movement is NOT going to be a push over. I'll pray that he gets divine protection in all that he does. On another note, this interview has given me an idea/plan about how I can proceed locally.

Marc O'Polo said...

Purchased. Thank you for pointing this out.

oughtsix said...

God bless Matthew Bracken.