Monday, March 5, 2012

ATF trace explained.

I finally got an explanation from the Gadsden Police Department about that ATF trace on a pistol I bought about ten years ago. The explanation is more innocent than first suspected. It seems that somebody found an FEG Hi-Power clone in some brush or something. It was not part of a crime trace and the condition of the pistol was, according to the GPD property room folks, pretty beat up and rusty. I have owned two of these excellent pistols in my lifetime, one of them currently assigned to one of my daughters. But I got short of funds back then (some things never change) and I sold the second one at the AGCA gun show. End of story. I'm sure the local ATF was disappointed.


Anonymous said...


Scott J said...

Tell the GPD boys they can transfer that old, rusty thing to me over here in SC.

I love a project.

Ike said...

Although the gun was not involved in a known crime, it is recorded in the ATF tracing system (eTrace) as a "crime gun" because it "might" have been involved in a crime. In addition, you and your dealer are now permanently in ATF's database as having purchased/sold a "crime gun".