Thursday, December 8, 2011

Well, that was fun. "Have you no shame?" "No, have YOU no shame?" Eric Holder's John Mitchell impression.

My laptop's ability to interface with the wifi crashed and I couldn't get on during the hearing.  I  am using the computers at GOA at the moment.  Probably end up having to get something more modern for a laptop if I'm going to keep doing this.  Will try to get on later this evening for a report.  Much to say. 

More fun and games tomorrow, too.

Wouldn't be surprised, now that Issa dropped the tactical nuke of more emails "turned over last evening" n(meaning that somebody else has rolled -- either Breuer or Weinstein -- that Holder's resignation "for the good of the administration to avoid further distraction will be announced late tomorrow.

There was a lot that they didn't cover, but Holder has guaranteed that we will have another Oversight Committee hearing in January. 

The game is by no means ended.  If anything, it is just the end of the beginning.

Run, Gunwalker Man, run.


I'm going out to eat Afghan to celebrate.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself.  I just can't believe Mrs. Vanderboegh's wayward son finds himself in the middle of all this.


Aj said...

I was listening to the hearings while working. The Dems tossed Holders salad while caressing his balls. Issa, Adams and Chaffetz (sp?) ate him for lunch.

Anonymous said...

"Have you no shame?"

Well, yes...we are mighty ashamed of YOU Mr. Holder.

Why don't you do the honorable thing and take a nice long stroll in Fort Marcy park? ;^(


Anonymous said...


All I can say is THANKS for everything you do!

TPaine said...

You da man, Mike! Hopefully, Holder will be out on his face soon, with a trial and imprisonment to follow.

tom762 said...

God Bless your hard work,Dutchman!Many prayers are being said for your safety.C-Span did not have the hearings , so all I saw was a clip of Holder rolling his eyes at Issa.

Fuck that arrogant bastard and all his ASSociates, Top to Bottom!!! They deserve to be punished to the fullest extent of Gods law!

Tom762 in AZ


Don't know how you maintain your composure so well. I watched the entire broadcast on C-SPAN 3, and could not help but to want to bitchslap a few fuchwads. Glad to hear you have your son with you. Take care of each other and watch your six, HAVE SOME FUN ! YOU DESERVE IT.

Oldfart said...

Y'know Mike, you being there in the middle of all this makes the rest of us feel like we're holding their feet to the fire too. Sure, you're doing all the work and taking all the heat while we read the cliff notes and nod approval, but every one of us wishes we could be there watching Holder squirm.
I kept watching the infrequent shots of the spectators to see if I could pick you out. They must have given you a seat under the desk or something. There was no such problem finding Weich though. That slimy POS was right there looking over Holder's shoulder with a smug expression as if the whole hearing was a waste of time.
If you want to make some $$$, sell chances to pull on the ropes at the 'Great D.C. Lamp Post Redecoration Event.' I'd buy a couple of tickets.

Scott J said...

Laptop. 1,000 apologies for being such a slacker.

Once you get home and wind down from this we need to get together so I can rehab the one you have.

So, you speculate Holder's gone? As soon as tomorrow? Ballsy, sir.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting really sick of Holder making excuses for his wrong doings, he was asked to resign and he is refusing, now it's time for the gloves to come off and appoint a Special presecuter and sack Holder and all who is involved in this mess.

ATEXAN said...

I kept hoping u would post something during the hearing..I just could not watch very much of it due to the fact Holders non-answers/answers made me sick..Thank you for taking one for the team and being there.

Anonymous said...

I don't see him resigning for a couple reasons. 1) He an arrogant, hubris filled SOB. 2) Barry needs him too much as his firewall. I don't think he (BO) could find an adequate replacement for him. I don't see *anyone* in this administration leaving voluntarily. They will fight to the bitter end to keep their cushy perks and absolute power (and corruption) to push their ideology.

Dan Collins said...

Carry on.

daniel said...

Good work, Mike. Enjoy this day and those following. You've earned it, not only by your effort, but by what you've shown yourself willing to risk.

Jhn1 said...

I won't settle for less than Federal Authorities in jail. Mexican jails for ITAR violations if nothing else.

Armadillo said...

What happens tomorrow ?

Anonymous said...

Well done Mike - keep fighting the good fight. Also thnx for sharing about the black dog. I have been there and done that. Not nice.

Capt45 said...

I saw a Congressman Deutch (sp?) from Florida (a Dem) being interviewed or maybe he was part of the hearing.

He thinks this clearly shows we need stronger gun control to keep these assault rifles off the street because they're only for killing people.

I recalled Dr Susan Gratia-Hupp's comments to Congress after the Killeen Luby killings years ago.

Even as Holder et al are shown to be liars and Corzine steals 1.6 billion dollars from investors, the media gives The One yet another pass.

Capt45 said...

I just saw a comment by a Florida Congressman (Deutch-D) who wailed that this shows how we need stronger gun legislation to prevent these assault rifles from getting on to our streets. "Their only purpose is to kill people!" he proclaimed.

Well duh! I emailed the 'honorable' Deutch and referred him to the comments of Dr Suzanna Gratia-Hupp way back when, as she addressed Congress after the Killeen/Luby's murders years ago.

Anonymous said...

Props to you and your courage in taking on the ruling class.

Greg S said...

Good work, Mike! I'm sure Mrs Vanderboegh is very proud of what her son is doing. Bless you for carrying on the good fight.

Anonymous said...

Push, Push, Push them.

Distract them from the other evil they may lust to do.
The more things like this they have to cover the less other evil they will have time and energy to do.
These ones of the Pelosi, Schummer, Kerry, Obama, "William Ayers" Clintons etal are only 30% of the Democrats. They are only 10% of U.S.. This they too know.

So, they use the likes of Karl Rove and Romney and the other RINO's to cover their flank.

So, out flank this small band of commie thugs.

DH Pence said...

Go dutchman - and if that laptop gives up the ghost let us know, we'll take care of ya. We are Legion ;)


rdf67 said...

Mike -

Do you think the Sensenbrenner threat of an impeachment did any good to shake his impenetrable facade?

Anonymous said...

We appreciate all you do, Mike. Wish I could have been there to meet you and some of the other guys on the cutting edge of this.

Stay safe!

Dr.D said...

Hang in there Mike, your doing Yeoman service.


Anonymous said...

Mrs Vanderboegh would be proud of you, as are many Americans.

Anonymous said...

Do you ever get tired of hearing, "Congratulations, and thanks for all you have done for the country"?

No? Well then, Congratulations, and thanks for all you have done for the country!!

WarriorClass said...

Got chur back.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Mke, our congresscritters ain't doin much but at least we(III) have somone on our side!!!

Anonymous said...

We should offer a substantial reward to any one who could provide testimony and documents implicating Holdup and/or Maobama in the F&F.

Anonymous said...

Mr. V, We ALL appreciate your hard work and dedication to this scandal. Please keep up the great work! I pray that justice will be done in this matter. Holder is a disgusting POS and my stomach turns at the sight of him - not to mention my boiling blood! Please let Issa, Grassley, Adams & Chaffetz know that good Americans are behind them and their demand for the truth.

Anonymous said...

C-Span,org streams C-Span 3. That's where I watched this glorious, wretched mess. They also have an archive version of today's hearing.

Doncha love the smell of napalm in the morning?

Thanks, Mike

Ashrak said...

Holder admitted that the Mexican government was not in on this. He also admitted that guns were walked. He so too admitted that walking guns across the border without coordination and permission from the country on the other side of the border is breaking the law.

Holder got nailed over and over and over again today, so long as people have been following along. For the typical person who has no idea what is going on, it looks like Holder was praised highly, like he broke this all open and is solving it all.....and......we just gotta have more gun control legislation to accomplish that.

"not one" commentary from Issa was interesting. I foind it especially bogus for Holder to say he directed the IG to do a full investigation but then says he didn't write anything down. What a crock. Yeah, a directive for a serious investigation of substance regarding GunWalker is done by word of mouth over the phone....suuuure it is.

I agree with Mike. Holder is out very very soon.

Did yall notice that Corzine was "testifying" today and Barry came out for a surprise presser and even took some questions? Can you say "control the message int he media"?

Who is more freaking out right now? Barry are Eric?

Anonymous said...

The bit about McCarthy gripes me.

Memo from reality

McCarthy was correct.
go google Verona decrypts.

there was a cell of soviet spies in the state dept Chambers, Hess and another one never actually identified by name

Why the State dept wasn't hung enmasse when the decrypts were done I guess is an example of how early and completely we were screwed.

McCarthy was right and at this rate w/ this press, we are doomed.

no one in the press dares mention that all this flows from zero's(0 TM) 'under the radar'




Keep it up. This Marine has your back and that is what the Left NEVER understands, that it ain't just one of us they're up against, it is ALL OVER US!

You need help, sing out.

Anonymous said...

Time to dig out my list of the family tree of Eric Holder and his wife's family tree and get them ready for an old fashioned hanging party to lynch the whole lot of them. I seriously don't think any of them deserve to waste any more oxygen and this country really needs to be saved for future generations.

Anonymous said...

Holder isn't going anywhere. He's not through fucking us, yet.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous, I'd contribute to a reward fund. I agree with the sentiment. Unfortunately, I think the whistle-blowers who have the information we need would probably then be tainted by "unclean hands" -- I'm not familiar with the law but I would bet that leaking docs in exchange for money hurts them in the eyes of the whistle-blower protection laws.

W W Woodward said...

I noticed that Holder was very adept at wasting as much of each of the republicans' allotted time as he possibly could, and anytime a "yes" or "no" answer was solicited he managed to spend as much time as he possibly could to successfully avoid answering the question.

Holder has made an art of testilying.