Friday, December 2, 2011

Tina Brown ironically clucking her tongue about women who cover up evil.

Remember Tina Brown's gutting of the real story of John Matthews and PATCON?

Now it seems Tina is upset about women who cover up for evil.

Irony upon irony.


Gordy said...

Suggestion: change ironically to HYPOCRITICALLY. Thank you for observing the Truth in Advertising policy.

bondmen said...

Liberal hypocrisy is as astounding as it is ever abundant and amazingly is always spoken or written without tongue in cheek (except in the case of Barney Frank), Tina's not withstanding!

Ashrak said...

Typical projection from a typical progressive. Claim disdain for and opposition to what "others" are doing, knowing full well you are doing it yourself.

That is how these pukes assuage their own guilt, they pretend others are doing what they themselves do.

TPaine said...

Business as usual. Liberals always believe that what they do is fine. It's what everyone else does that is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Marxists always think they are right. Some of them don't even realize that they are really Marxists.

Some of them do, and they pretend that they aren't but the results are the same in any case.

The former can usually eventually see through to the truth and the latter, already know the truth and continue to lie.

AJ said...

No wonder she's a statist. She's a Brit.