Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nothing succeeds like success. Mrs. Vanderboegh's wayward son makes the collectivist Mother Jones.

Meet the Former Militiaman Behind the Fast and Furious Scandal. Pretty funny. Of course they wouldn't use the headline "Meet the Ex-Communist behind the Fast and Furious Scandal." The quotes are more or less correct, although the PC MJ apparently choked on the term "gun queer" by which Second Amendment activists are known inside the ATF. "Barrel sucker," though was okay, apparently. My point was that prior to being brought together by the various ATF scandals, both sides had looked at the other as cartoon characters, not as people. We still disagreed philosophically, but could find common ground on the truth and the antiseptic qualities of sunlight in the federal bureaucracy.
The author sat behind me at the hearing, and admitted she'd never read Hayek's Road to Serfdom. "Try it," I urged, "you'll never go back to the dark side." She just smiled.
Among other things, I take issue with this paragraph:
After the 1993 ATF-led siege of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas, ended in the deaths of 76 people, including 20 children, Vanderboegh joined the militia movement in Alabama. During that time, he wrote "Strategy and Tactics for a Militia Civil War," a document that, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, "discussed the utility of 'snipers using violence carefully targeted'" at war criminals, secret policemen, and militia watchdogs who'd been keeping tabs on him. Later, Vanderboegh became an anti-immigration crusader. In 2005, the SPLC included Vanderboegh in a report on the then-burgeoning nativist movement, noting his involvement in Minutemen patrol groups that attempted to police the southern border.
Quoting SPLC on anything related to the militia and the truth is like consulting Carrie Nation on the various flavors of sipping whiskey -- it gets lost in the dialectic. The Brown Scare folks of SPLC and ADL make a big deal of "Strategy and Tactics for a Militia Civil War," a very early piece of mine but the fact is it had nothing in it that was personal from my point of view about "militia watchdogs" (here we see the clumsy hand of Mark Pitcavage, now of ADL, who back before he sat on Sparky the Militia Watchdog was providing names of "dangerous" militiafolk he gleaned from the 'Net to the FBI). The whole point even mentioning such regime assholes was to warn them that they were aligning themselves with a losing side of history and would be held accountable in the event of more federal attacks -- sort of a "useful dire warning" on the order of a "Bridge Out Ahead" road sign. A worse slander in the article is that committed against Larry Pratt, again quoting SPLC, characterizing him as an anti-Semite and supporter of death squads. Bullshit, but often repeated Brown Scare bullshit it is.
And I wouldn't say I was an "anti-immigration crusader." In truth, I hardly did anything at all to help the Minutemen, compared to what I should have done. In October 2005 I helped Bob Wright with one border vigil by leading a small recon contingent at Hachita, NM. Others of my 1ACR "boys" helped out later that month. I also helped organize some protests here in Alabama. That, plus the couple of essays I wrote at the time, does not a "crusader" make. I viewed it at the time as simply what one citizen should do to support the rule of law. Sort of natural, like breathing.
The part I liked was this:
Vanderboegh is now working on other big scoops. In late November, Newsweek/Daily Beast published a story about a man who worked as a paid FBI informant in the 1990s, going undercover among neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups. But Vanderboegh says Newsweek didn’t run the full story, which he says included damning information about an FBI operation in the 1990s called PATCON (for Patriot Conspiracy) that allegedly involved giving weapons, explosives, and money to neo-Nazis as a way of infiltrating their networks.
Vanderboegh snagged an unedited copy of the Newsweek story and posted it on his blog under the title, "Hiding mass murder behind 'national security.' What Newsweak & the FBI didn't want you to know about PATCON and the OKC Bombing." Vanderboegh claims that the FBI had a role in repressing parts of the Newsweek story, and he's confident PATCON is going to be the next big scandal. (Asked whether the FBI pressured the magazine to cut references to PATCON, Newsweek spokesman Andrew Kirk said, "Of course not." He wouldn't comment on how Vanderboegh might have gotten the story.)
It would be easy to dismiss Vanderboegh's obsession about this latest FBI "scandal" as the healthy imagination of a conspiracy theorist with too much time on his hands. But then there's Fast and Furious.
Hey, doubt my ancestry if you wish, but doubt doubt my footnotes or my sources. I also told her how ironic it was that "the left" was now in the position of defending the FBI because it was now "their FBI". "Don't you remember COINTELPRO?" I asked. But hey, at least they spelled my name right.


greenmeanie said...

Typical lib tactics over there. Can't refute the message? Attack the messenger!

Mt Top Patriot said...

It speaks volumes that Stephanie Mencimer never once mentions the truth concerning the crimes and subterfuge of our government here.
No Sir, she writes an assassination piece going after the integrity of Mr. Mike.

If Stephanie Mencimer only had an ounce of the professional integrity, courage, and principles of the one she is bad mouthing.
She is worse in some ways than Holder.

She makes it read like Mr. Mike is the one guilty of murder, heinous crimes and treason.

Now you have to ask yourself, how could a fellow American in their right mind write such a big lie as Stephanie Mencimer has just written?

The facts is the facts.
All the rationale, character assault, reverse psychology and false narrative in the world can never change the truth that Eric Holder and his crew of treachery, Obama and his shadow government czars, are crooks by any definition of the Rule of Law.

The word of a crazed sycophant published in a weekly communist manifesto is all the more laughable for the fact Stephanie Mencimer was there at the Holder hearing.

I wasn't even there, and realize without any reservation, watching while Eric Holder lied through his teeth. If not for the fig leaf of a title of head of the DOJ Holder and his conspirators would be in Jail right now.

What a circus.

Mt Top Patriot said...

PS, who is the radical here?

If it is coming down to hit pieces on a supposed, oooooh! scary blood thirsty "Militia Man", who happened to be one of a mere handful of principled Americans that have blown the whistle, guess that says it all.

The allegations that Eric Holder’s Department of Justice are accurate truth must be a very scary thing for Stephanie Mencimer and mother jones.
Their whole world is on the brink of collapse. A life spent lying and bullshitting others ruined by the bald truth must be terrifying indeed.

Looks like desperation to me.

Lashing out at Mr. Mike isn't going to change a single thing Ms. Stephanie Mencimer.
You are no better than Eric Holder Ms. Mencimer. I see you as complicit in the murder and suffering Gunwalker has sowed.
What are you gonna do when the likes of Holder and obama have their way? When they get around to the likes of you? What are you gonna do then? You understand liquidation of intellectuals such as yourself is the choice of dictators through history. It is your very radicalism that makes you a perfect useful dupe.
It is this very thing that represents a direct threat to absolute power, just as Mr. Mike does, when your usefulness has run its course.
You and your like are meat for the grinder of Tyranny.
So go ahead and sit atop your high horse, look upon the meek and humble from your ivory tower. Bask in the glory of it while you have time. Because sure as the sun rises, your dead meat if the big lie you enable comes to fruition. And your gonna scream blue bloody murder for a person like Mr. Mike to save your sorry arse from the tyranny you assisted in, that YOU, willingly and with malice sowed.

Careful what you wish for Ms. Mencimer.

Happy D said...

"Strategy and Tactics for a Militia Civil War,"
Again they bring up this Pamphlet, Manuel, or Manifesto? As if it was the most widely read thing in the movement.
Has anyone read this I would dearly like to read a copy, as I would like to read most things Mike has written?
I have tried to find one of these but have had no success.