Friday, December 2, 2011

Hey, Issa! Why don't you get to the bottom of what happened with Gunwalker & PATCON before -- BEFORE -- you decide to further empower the FBI?

Rep. Issa examining ways to reorganize ATF.

Good grief. He then backs off of the idea, a bit, but the fact that he blurted it out in the first place is more than disconcerting.


Armadillo said...

Maybe it is a way to get people to come forward to prove that is not the org. problem but some leaders problems or Holders problem.

Ashrak said...

And all those hanging their hat ion Issa all along are now thinking what???

The Establishment GOP is slowplaying exposure of The GunWalker Scandal intentionally.

In doing so, I hold the GOP as complicit in the GunWalker Scandal and its cover up. Its members are indeed facilitating the ongoing attempts to cover up what has taken place, and taking place for all we know, intentionally.

Despicable, truly despicable.

A real Speaker of the House dedicated to defending the Constitution and the inalienable rights recognized within it would not be Silent. Yet, John Boehner remains the Silent Speaker. Pure corruption in action.

TPaine said...

Boehner is no better than Pelosi - neither one of them has any balls. And if Grassley and Issa don't do something quick, this thing will drag on past the election cycle, which is exactly what all of our corrupt representatives want.

Anonymous said...

If Issa And Grasley bust Holder before the election Obama will release him before he leaves the Presidency. With all the turmoil with F&F going on during the election year it will be bad time for the dems. Watch for the dems to try and get Holder to resign and take the heat off the election cycle for them.

Anonymous said...


What if this entire Issa/Grassley dog and pony show is just intended to be a distraction ?

If I wanted to keep the RW preoccupied while I laid the foundations and inner workings to undercut them from other directions this would be the perfect venue.. besides, what good have you seen come from anything they've done so far ? No one has been fired or arrested, no one has even been slapped on the wrist but the guys who ratted them out.

I'm beginning to become disheartened by the lack of anything but what appears to be disinformation and misdirection by our employees in govt.
Like a vulture on the fence..