Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Going to Mordor-on-the-Potomac to stick my finger once more in Sauron's evil eye.

Lord willing, I'll be in DC by three this afternoon.

Rumors at present (the committee seemingly no longer talks directly to me, which actually I quite understand):

1. Committee is said to be ready for a document dump today, possibly emails from Dennis Burke to Holder and Napolitano, among others, that will blow those two Gunwalker conspirators out of their jobs.

2. Kevin O'Reilly, erstwhile State Department employee of Hillary's, fresh from the desert clime of Iraq, is said to have retained his own attorney and either has, or soon will, make his statement before the committee investigators.

3. Lamar Smith, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee from Texas, may, according to conflicting sources, either be about to cravenly fold on a sell-out deal with the Obamanoids to stop the damage at Eric Holder's career and call it a scandal, or is a stand-up guy who is determined about to take the scandal to the next level, no matter what the damage the truth has to the administration. Place your bets, for the roulette wheel is turning.

Fact: I will be handing over to various Congresscritters all the PATCON documents I have collected, along with pointed suggestions on where to look for more.

It is no Ring of Power, but from the reactions within DOJ and especially the FBI, it might as well be. I may even put the PATCON documents on my new Darth Vader thumbdrive for presentation to a certain committee chairman.

I will do my very best to avoid being thrown out of this hearing as I was the last. I promise I will be on my best behavior, and will take along a hard candy or two in case my blood sugar starts to get to the "don't give a damn" level. ;-)

Should have more posts this evening.


Anonymous said...

Be sure to give the committee copies of your documents. You keep the originals in a secure place, with a "release upon my death" written notice.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Torpedo LOS!

I love the smell of torpex in the morning. ;^)


bondmen said...

Godspeed Mike, truly our one and only trusted man in Washington. Help them to understand we want somebody back there to tell US the truth for a change. Please don't forget to bring home the bacon when you return to the real America, we'll have the eggs and coffee ready!

Ashrak said...

There are those who want nothing more than for you to give them a reason, any reason, to see you tossed out of sight and out of mind.

Resist the bait, Sir, as best you can.

I would submit that it is not only Lamar in the "shit or get off the pot" position right about now. Most will fold, but I suspect several will up the bet this week.

Here is to a safe and successful trip....where blood sugar, and temper, is held in check. ;)

Anonymous said...

I see a political deal in the making and it won't be good for truth, justice and the American way.

Torque said...

Stay the course; hold... hold...

FWIW, the Thumb Drive is a great idea. It would be hard to misplace an icon like that.


Anonymous said...

I just hope you are able to post this afternoon. No walks in the park or canoe rides, please.

Ashrak said...

Hey Torque, I don't know about removable drives, but I do know that a D.C> hand delivered DVD is simply dismissed by elected officials as if it wasn;t even delivered.

Myself and a few dozen other like minded folks put together a DVD of questions directed at government officials -about various topics.

(Gee, I wonder what my topic was....)

Seveal folks took the trip out East to ensure proper delivery to a handful of legislators.

End result even after a letter of reminder signed by over a hundred people - totally ignored- save one newly elected House member who held a town hall in something of an indirect response.

I would sure hope that Mike would have a much better experience for his petitioning and information sharing effort.

Bad Cyborg said...

I wouldn't count too heavily on Lamar Smith being too much of a stand-up guy. He IS a professional politician after all.

Go to WalMart (they DO have a WalMart in MotP, don't they? If not I bet there're a couple in Ballmer) and get a roll of those little orange flavored sugar pills they carry in the pharmacy area with the rest of the diabetic supplies. They can do wonders for your BGL in a hurry.

Watch your back. Act as if you have no friends in MotP - 'cause unless you have David or a couple of others with you you don't. And for goodness sake stay the FECK away from Fort Marcy Park! Your name is Vanderboegh not Foster.

We the people... said...

Take it to 'em!

Anonymous said...

"Rumors at present (the committee seemingly no longer talks directly to me, which actually I quite understand): "

I'm glad you do Mike. For my part, I see other reasons which are serving other interests. I hear the words echoing in my ears "there are no friendlies
" and can't quite bring myself to believe that it might be true. The reaction to that realization would be an angry and unforgiving one.

Mt Top Patriot said...

Hobbits win

Mt Top Patriot said...

Ewoks win

AJ said...

Do us all proud, Mike. What am I sayin'? We know you will. Make sure to check out the Smithsonian while you're in DC if you get a chance!

Travis McGee said...

Thanks for being willing to play Daniel in the lions' den on the behalf of liberty!

Mt Top Patriot said...

Mr. Mike,
Talk about some steely eyed Americans sticking their you know what in a meat grinder, here's an amazing story you'd like:


Anonymous said...

Stay out of Ft. Marcy park, Mike!

haralsons said...

Suck it up and stay in the meeting! You are one of the very few who can give us a report.

Thank you!
Cindy Haralson

Anonymous said...


The above link may provide a clue as to which way the wind will blow Lamar...

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work Mike!!


Randy Dye

Anonymous said...

Sgt. Jerry Michael Shriver was last seen attempting get to a tree line. The fact that LBJ had re-directed some of the B-52's from the strike on the Combined VC/NVA headqts. left Sgt. Shriver's bomb damage assessment force hugely over powered by the VC/NVA in the camp.

Later the MIA/POW Committee co-chaired by John F. Kerry and John McCain did not gain any knowledge of Sgt. Shrivers whereabouts when they made a money deal for Kerry's relations ,"the Forbes" to build ports in Vietnam.

Keep in mind the ones in Washington D.C. will sell any one out, "any one".

W W Woodward said...

I have no doubt that you will represent us, all of us, much better than those hired hands we have been sending to DC for all these years.

My prayers and hopes go with you.




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