Thursday, December 1, 2011

FBI Criminal Informant Complicit in Brian Terry’s Death (PJM Exclusive)


In the growing Fast and Furious scandal, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s death in Peck Canyon, Arizona was previously described as a chance meeting that led to a firefight: an illegal alien “rip crew” working for the Sinaloa cartel was hoping to find other illegal aliens and to rob them at gunpoint. Instead, they stumbled across a Border Patrol unit and murdered Agent Terry.

Last week, the Washington Times offered a new version of the encounter: they reported that the rip crew was not hunting illegals, but Border Patrol teams — with the intention of engaging them in combat.

Sources now tell PJ Media that neither version of events is accurate: the rip crew was not waiting for a chance encounter with other illegals, nor did the members intend to engage American law enforcement agents.

The rip crew was in Peck Canyon that evening with the intention of stealing money and drugs from a specific shipment of which they had prior knowledge.


Anonymous said...

Who is being served by sealing all the records?
At this point none of us know for sure but it doesn't look like its to insure justice for all.

Anonymous said...

I am stunned. I have followed this since the first. I did not see the set up coming as far as FBI and DEA knowing about the ambush. Will this come up in the hearing next week? What is the date and time of the hearing next week? Can we watch it on t.v. or net? Also it will be interesting te see how long it takes for this article to spread and if it will hit main stream. What a cover up!
Fast and furious
Terry murder
All the other gun walking in other areas which we don't seem to be hearing about anymore

Ashrak said...

I am having trouble believing this. This administration has "leaked" so many different excuses, each trying to combat the part of the last excuse that didn't make any sense, that I give pause to any new "revelation".

The aspect that shows Barry had to know is coordination among the cabinet secretaries and their departments, agencies and bureaus. JUST as the gun dealers were blamed, bun laws were blamed, after outright denial was blasted to never land, this round of excuses looks more like a ploy to throw anyone and everyone under the bus trying to save Barry and Eric.

To me, this seems more like an attempt to create doubt, if not dispel, bureau, agency and department coordination. I am not buying that FBI DEA made a mistake or simply failed to notify border patrol. Things were getting hot and and I think it was hoped that a run of the will confrontation would happen, with nobody getting killed, and then the nefarious activity could continue just as it had been ongoing.

But Brian Terry took a bullet.

Just my gut, but I have learned to trust it. Are there some truth within this piece? Sure, I think there are, bu do they fit together to dispel coordination? Not hardly.

Anonymous said...

Possible that there was a paid tranfer well guarded one of a high up islamic terror orgnization being stumbled onto.

This is a possiblity that would make both the R's and D's who both lust for the wage slaves keep the infomation from We the People.

WarriorClass said...

War has been declared upon the American people and their Constitution.

Do not wait until they come to take you away.


Dave said...

I still would love to know who the galactic idiot was who cared so little about the lives of the border patrol agents and so much about his own sorry ass that he gave the BORTAC guys a bean bag shotgun for a high-risk mission. That sure says a lot about the type of individuals that Border Patrol chooses to promote. Border Patrol's apparent reasoning is this: If our agents kill some douchebag illegal, we'll get sued for millions, but if one (or more) of our agents get killed, so what, we'll just get Dennis Burke to help us out. (Dear Border Patrol Admin, please prove me wrong.)