Saturday, December 3, 2011

Eric Holder's Cover-Up History.

Committed to a briefing paper that leaves me with writer's block every time I turn to it as well as overwhelmed with documents from three scandals, I am getting further behind on my main articles. This is the subject of several I have planned in a series. Someone, it seems, does not have writer's block. Thank God for that.

From Big Government:

While some in the news media say Eric Holder’s involvement in the controversial ATF gun-running program known as Operation Fast and Furious is “only the tip of the iceberg,” Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue says he “was way ahead of the curve” in pointing out the attorney general’s involvement in shady activities. He points to a scathing 4-page letter (PDF) he sent to Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) Dec. 19, 2008, as proof.


Anonymous said...

"4-page letter (PDF) he sent to Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.)"

I'm simply amazed. Leahy does nothing but give constant and unending cover, to everything the left is doing. Every time. He starts something or gets in the way of our side (THE GOOD GUYS...) EVERY SINGLE TIME.

What in the world would lead anyone at this point, to believe that any of the Marxists that populate the senate and congress and yes the white house too, would be interested in doing anything about the actions, omissions and operations that THEY have set in motion?
The operations that THEY are responsible for?

It's right in front of our eyes and yet there are those who cannot or will not see it. Probably because some commentator doesn't cover it on TV or if they do, the story is twisted to provide cover to the perpetrators, almost as if it was planned for such an event. And if God forbid you notice and say anything you're a KOOK a Crackpot, because they get to tell that story too.

I guess this will be up to the 3% to handle because at this moment, there is no one else and no other prospects. 7 out of 100 senators voted for the constitution the other night and your constitution and your children lost.

This governemnt is illegitimate and unconstitutional. If you're waiting to hear the tripwire turn your hearing aid up.

Anonymous said...

The caption referrs to him as the 169th victim. As I recall, there were 168 victims identified and an unmatched leg. So, you could debate whether Trentadue was 169 or 170.

Anonymous said...

His first mistake was to expect Leaky Leahy (Commie-VT) to do anything other than line his own pockets and insure his reelection.

Mt Top Patriot said...

Holder is a psychopath.

Psychopaths such as Holder all have something in common. They have a great attraction for each other.
Psychopaths can not operate effectively in a vacuum. Psychopaths can only function at their most effective level when the top positions of power in a system of government are occupied by other psychopaths.
Psychopaths are similar to breeding rabbits. Before you know it they are everywhere, holding every office and seat that affords despotic autonomy, positions where tyrannical rule over underlings transforms a system of serving the people, (who after all in the most basic are customers and investors), into a vehicle of unfettered terror and extortion outside any rule of law, of the very same people who now have little recourse or redress for such entrenched tyranny, we the people who pay for such abominations.
In such an environment the dissociation from concepts and principles of Liberty and respect for the rule of law is an existential threat to this unfettered power of the psychopath.

Murder, death, treason, high crimes, lying, theft of inordinate wealth of a nation, all becomes nothing more than means that justify ends.
Oklahoma, Ruby Ridge, Waco, Gunwalker, power of the presidency, functioning omnipotence of the FBI, ATF, Justice Dept, Homeland Security, Congress, the Courts, the legacy media and 5th column have evolved into clearing houses, functioning apparatchik machines of a rouge system of government, a special club, where crisis as a means becomes standard operating procedure.
From a president that can not provide the most basic of personal documentation satisfying the most simple clear requirement of law of proving his patronage and birth place, to monsters of treachery such as Holder, Jarret, Napalitino, countless elected representatives, here we have a clear unquestionable cabal of the stuff of an outright dictatorship, a coupe in the making, from the inside out, top to bottom, turning a Constitutional Republic into a banana republic.

Some say Gunwalker/Holder is the tip of the iceberg, I contend it is indicative, a harbinger of the unlimited lengths, of no limits, of the capability these psychopaths have to bring their evil plans to fruition.

Holder is without doubt an essential enabler of critical means to these ends. This guy is a cold blooded monster. Murder, death lying, mean nothing to this monster, he is a perfect reflection of the power behind him. His removal from his reign of power, his absence in the chain of this absolute power of tyranny is an imperative of profound implications. Simply Holders office is the lynch pin of the coupe underway on our Republic and Liberty.

Anonymous said...

Holder is not a psychopath. Nor are most of the people involved in this. Their thought processes and actions are organized, and produce results favorable not just to themselves but an ideology. They are very adaptive and responsive to preventing confrontation and controlling the outcomes of confrontation. They are not anti-social but seek others in order to create the circumstances necessary for that ideology to succeed and dominate.

Using psycho-social disorders to describe them is not only inaccurate, it allows them to escape responsibility and consequences by virtue of excusing them for things that are purportedly beyond their control.

You, have examined their logic and correctly determined, that it is not only flawed but dangerous to human life and existence. They for their part, know that they are deceiving for a purpose, and continue to do so because they have succeeded in, limiting examination and discussion of that deception, thereby controlling public perception and opinion.

The population at large and the children in particular, are being inoculated to the benefits of freedom and self-determination, in deference to control by an elite class of leftists. This is an organized plan to steal not only power but property and freedom, from you and your children, to benefit themselves and, their children.

It's blatantly obvious what is happening. If superior principles and logic do not survive and thrive, then there is a factor inhibiting that normal and natural process. When this continues to be the result, it is not a mistake to be rectified later, but the result of careful manipulations that deliberatively seek results other than those supported by truth and logic.

Mt Top Patriot said...

They killed the poor guy.

His family must be stricken with inconsolable grief. He was a man somebody loved. Who are these monsters in our midst that did this to our fellow Americans?

People, if you can call them that, of OUR own government in OUR Nation killed this man, uncounted more.

Who are these monsters?
How can it be they run free, how have they gotten away with more murder and misery?

Who are these monsters?

AJ said...

Aww...c'mon. It's obvious that guy beat himself to death.

Anonymous said...

Kenneth Trentadue was mistaken for Richard Guthrie, who was found hanging in his cell a day before he was scheduled to talk to the press.

Ed said...

When I read that the reward site had been repurposed, I looked up Trentadue's name:

Interesting bunch of hangings in prison associated with this one. Didn't someone once ask that if complete government control equals safety, then why are prisons so dangerous?

Anonymous said...

Randy weaver(ruby ridge) got 2 million for the murders of his family.Hanging is the way the government kills people. D.C. madam and her friend found hanging a CEO of fannie may found in his basement hanged. All were killed before a big investigation into corruption in congress.