Monday, December 5, 2011

David Codrea: "How many have died from DEA’s ‘Project Buckwalker’?"

"My initial reaction: I wonder if any of this money ended up being used to buy Gunwalker guns."


Anonymous said...

"My initial reaction: I wonder if any of this money ended up being used to buy Gunwalker guns."

I wonder if wild bears ever go potty in the woods?

pdxr13 said...

downloaded and copied to scribd for truth

h/t to JR

Anonymous said...

Issa is demanding information from Holder by wednesday on the money
laundering. Article at Daily Caller.

Ashrak said...

I have been thinking more along the lines of - bindlers, PACs and "5 and 10 dollar donations on the internet".....


It is not hard to see that our Nations top law enforcement officer, Eric Holder is nothing more than the ringleader of a organized crime syndicate. The syndicate just happens to be the Justice Department of the Unites States of America.
Although the fact Obama was elected tells a lot about the dysfunctional minds of American voters, the real travesty is the Congress.
Congress has had ample opportunity to nail Eric Holder and his boss to the oak tree for their crimes against the Constitution, but instead have remained silent and useless. Only recently,did Rep. Issa stand up and begin investigating the government for its gun running crimes. By God, Obama has failed to prove he is an American citizen, Yet congress yawns and marginalizes us, calling us "birthers" Next year, we must clean and disinfect the White House, and fire the whole stinkin lot of Congress. Obama and Holder must be prosecuted for their crimes if this country has any hope of avoiding mass civil unrest.

Anonymous said...

"Gangster Government".
And just WHO in Big Gubbment will prosecute and convict themselves, their "friends",and their fellow kind?
The only ones will be "we, the people". And we have only two choices -- the ballot box -- and the cartridge box.

B Woodman