Friday, October 14, 2011

Here he comes to save the day! Mighty Mouth is on the way! Lanny Davis defends Gunwalker. Which tells you Hillary is in it up to her eyeballs.

No, not Mighty Mouse. . .

Mighty MOUTH.

From Confederate Yankee: Lanny Davis Arrives to Spin Gunwalker.

You can gauge how serious a political crisis is by who the people under fire bring in to shore up their defenses. Clintonista Lanny Davis, who represented former President Bill Clinton during his impeachment, has now stepped up to issue an op-ed piece that attempts to make a molehill out of a mountain.

CY does a good job of deconstructing the lies, but there is one important point he missed. Lanny is a Clintonista attack dog. Obama does not hold his leash, Hillary does. The simple fact that he is doing Gunwalker Cover-Up deflection tells you that Hillary is in it up to her eyeballs.


Travis McGee said...

Wasn't Lanny expelled from college in a cheating or plagiarism scandal? No integrity from day one. Perfect Clintonista.

Ashrak said...

If Lanny could have snapped on Barry in a way that made Hillary come out smelling like a rose, he would have done so.

Lanny has two things guiding him here. One is, of course, his Hillary attack dog status. There can be no doubt but that he knows he has to defend Holder as not knowing if he is, in the near future, to defend Hillary as "not knowing". If he hammers Holder now, he would be called for not hammering Hillary as her involvement is actually discussed.

However, there is another point, when it comes to Lanny, here. Gun Control? Nope, that is too easy.


Lanny isn't just protecting Hillary, that is just a bi-product imho, he has his own dog in that hunt.

Bet on it.

Anonymous said...

They're all into it up to their eyeballs and I suspect some of the republicans too. There had to have been spillover and leaks. This had to be on the republican radar at some point before Terry's murder. If that is the case then we are very far down the road of no return.

Longbow said...

The first comment on CY's piece mirrored my thoughts exactly. I have been saying the same thing all along.

arhooley said...

Fine. The more Democrats jump onto this sinking ship, the more will go down with it. Lanny Davis should be one of the first to be "contacted for comment" when Holder resigns.

Anonymous said...

Can't defend the indefensible, just tell more lies. But that's all I expect out of inside the beltway any more.

Anonymous said...

I heard Lanny Davis requested that the car tags of some of the earliest Tea Party people be videotaped or photographed while at "protests".

I've been to some of the very first ones where helicopters flew overhead. I always wondered if there were cameras taking pics of the cars in the vicinity.