Thursday, June 2, 2011

Well, here's a big surprise.

TV Executives Admit in Taped Interviews That Hollywood Pushes a Liberal Agenda.


Anonymous said...

Watch an episode or two of CSI and you can see it first hand. I'm sure that there are other popular shows that are even worse, like 24 (when it was on) but I avoid them too.

Willorith said...

Law and Order SVU is particularly bad about pushing a liberal agenda. However they did work in Op Gun walker recently.

Bigots always feel justified in their own minds. They know what is "good" and "right" because they have superior intelligence. The liberal elite have the same attitude towards conservatives as Klansmen had towards Blacks, and it is just as disgusting. Some of them have openly stated that we should be killed.

Snobs of any sort are bigots.

Spiro Agnew, a thieving rat bastard, described them perfectly as "An effete corps of impudent snobs who characterize themselves as intellectuals."

Anonymous said... shit.
*sarcasm off*

One of these days, maybe sooner than you think, those on the Right are going to get so fed up that they'll just start murdering people on the Left, indiscriminately.

TPaine said...

Well, I'm just shocked...SHOCKED! I tell ya. I never would have known, had someone not done this homework. Hollywood liberal? My God, we're all doomed!

Anonymous said...

I suppose one might opine the "Hollyweird" set is getting even for the McCarthy-era hearings. Show business's bias has long been apparent. With the increased public acceptance of its "new dicta", (i.e. its promotion of the corruption of our language and ethics) its movers and shakers are apparently confident enough to reveal their true agenda. >Millwright

Anonymous said...

Put everyone of them on THE LIST.

Anonymous said...

And The List grows apace.

A reckoning is coming.

Anonymous said...

No! Really! I'm shocked. I never noticed!

...excuse me while I go puke. Like they had to "admit" it?

Bad Cyborg said...

Re Anon @ 4:22 PM:
Not "confident" just arrogant enough. Their attitude is "Yes Hollywood is almost exclusively leftist, so?" And their assumption that author Ben Shapiro was a leftist was so typical. Since he is Jewish and went to Harvard, they assumed he must be leftist. How's that for bigotry?

I thought it was truly ironic that Richard (McGyver) Dean Anderson went from an anti-gun show to Stargate SG1 where he spent a huge amount of his time firing hundreds of rounds through a P90. Sorta like Daniel Craig playing James Bond.

I'll have to look into getting that book.

Bad Cyborg X

Anonymous said...

Ya, its kind of like saying water is wet. Surprise!!!!

I've never met a liberal that didn't fully live up to the character traits of arrogance, dishonesty and deceiptfulness, selfishness,selfcenteredness, narcissistic personality dosorder,egotistical,meglomaniacal codependency and in denial, or one that wasn't completely misinformed about the reality of the world around them.

Scott J said...

"One of these days, maybe sooner than you think, those on the Right are going to get so fed up that they'll just start murdering people on the Left, indiscriminately."


It isn't our way. Not the truly liberty minded.

If you think anything else is what's espoused here you haven't been paying attention.

Happy D said...

So now we have the proof.
However it is not like we are going to start shooting them for their lies, hypocrisy, and pretension of non bias tomorrow.
But when the shooting does start it is the final justification I needed to do just that.

Anonymous said...

Scott J:

I know what you're saying. Don't get all "high-and-mighty" on me.

Sooner or later, the collectivists will start killing us. In their eyes, we are "hopeless" and thier final solution will be to just eliminate us.

Be ready.