Friday, June 3, 2011

Gayle Nyberg's new website.

Gayle Nyberg, the marvelous lady who designed the Nyberg flag, has a website offering long-term storage foods. Check it out.


Reg T said...


I'm sure your friend is a good person, but this presentation has all the earmarks of a slick pyramid scheme. It's quite possible they sell a decent product, but the presentation - and the offer of "free food" and "free money" make it all suspect in my view.

Having only briefly been sucked into two similar schemes many years ago (30+ the first time, 15+ the second) without having lost but a few bucks each time before I pulled the plug, I'm pretty sure this is another of the same. The two other promotions sold quality goods, but the mechanism of business was indeed a pyramid, and was presented in a similar fashion.

Caveat emptor.

Anonymous said...

Where do we get a 3% patch and some new flags as mine is faded from flying proudly?

Dakota said...

This is good food ... I sent for the free offering and tried it, it was very good, reasonable too. I plan to buy some in the near future.

Chef said...

Yes. Where can we get III% patches in OD? Just google the flags. They are out there but I can't remember which website had them.

Raven's Wood Enterprises said...

You can get the one Mike has a picture of (Woodland) from Raven's Wood Enterprises.

Send $3 for each patch in a check or money order. Cash is accepted, but at your risk. Include a note with the number of patches and a shipping address to:

Raven's Wood Enterprises, LLC
PO Box 962
Birmingham, MI 48012

Orders paid by check are held until the check clears. USPS Money Orders/Cashiers Checks & Cash ship as received.

We don't have the flags...sorry.


Chef said...

Thanks Raven! My order is on the way.

Uncle Lar said...

Just coming out of the recent shutdown of all utilities in North Bama last month I have been looking for long term food storage ideas. So far Mountain Home looked to be the best bet, but this offers an alternative. Not at all interested in the multilevel marketing thing and hope it does not adversely affect the main business of selling food supplies. Figured worth ten bucks for a taste anyway.
Did just fine with canned goods, propane cooking, and battery lights and radios in this last upset, but it always pays to be proactive and expand your options.