Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ben Barrack, a talk show host on KTEM 1400 in Texas asks -- "Gunwalker Scandal: Watergate with Murder?"

You betcha.

Like Watergate, this scandal is wrought with stonewalling and cover-ups. Unlike Watergate, it involves murder. For some reason, the media is more interested in looking at a photo of a dead Bin Laden than it is in pinning to the wall those responsible for the death of Brian Terry.


Dakota said...

Excellent premise .... it's all about politics .... it's all about politics .... it's going to bite them in the ass one day soon!!

Thomas/PatriotofPast said...

As I listened to Holder during the hearing, he mentioned "He" attended alot of Funerals...
Did he attend Brian Terrys?