Sunday, March 13, 2011

British sniper achieves a "Quigley" in Afghanistan.

75 heads in 40 days.


Maddawg308 said...

Wow! Glad he's on our side....

Babs Streisand said...

Awesome!!! Only a pity that they didn't dismember the bodies, since the muzzies seem to enjoy such things.
And where those muzzies have gone, may they all soon follow.

Anonymous said...

Good work by the guys.

"Hand of allah" smiting the taliban :-)

Shame about the errors in the ballistic info given in the review:

2,600 fps muzzle vel, is only mach 3 at seriously high altitude!

at 1,200 yards, not even a 190 grain match king out of a 7.62 NATO is supersonic, forget all about the 145 to 168 grain military bullets being anything like supersonic at that range, and accuracy drops as a result.

Saying that, some of the 200gr plus VLDs are still supersonic at 1,200, which avoids the increased dispersion caused by dropping through the trans-sonic range, Those extra heavy bullets with higher Ballistic Coefficeints also have less wind drift!

Check out the long range ballistics article on the Border Barrels website for some very useful background. Apparently the owner has a doctorate in physics.

Pat H. said...

Uh, guys, that guy isn't on our side, he's a genuine US government serial killer who happens to be operating in Afghanistan, murdering there.

He'll be in America, if necessary, killing us without remorse.

He is a Lon Horiuchi, a man all should be familiar with, a man who learned his trade in the US army, doing exactly the same thing the thug in this story is doing now.

Isn't celebrating the US governments crimes a little beyond the pale?

Mike? Mike?

Bad Cyborg said...

Ah, Pat? The article _I_ read was about a pair of BRITISH snipers. I see no reason they would be shooting at us.

Those boys are SOLDIERS, taking out TALIBAN (you know? REALLY BAD rug huggers?) in a war.

While I expect some active duty snipers to dishonor themselves and break their oath to the Constitution, I expect some active duty snipers to HONOR their oath. I also expect there will be a good number of trained snipers who have separated but continue to maintain their skills. I do not consider it at all unreasonable to believe the majority of them will be active on the insurgent side. I was at the range a couple of weeks ago with a former SEAL who had already committed to Oath Keepers. He gave me some good pointers on my FNAR.

Fortunately, I cannot SEE a target well enough at 1,200 yards to go for it. I'm going to settle for 400-500 yards. One would hope that would keep it supersonic.

And Pat, you're not one of those loonies who would shoot former Active Duty military out of hand, are you? In my book that would make YOU a legitimate target because of your destructive bent.

Bad Cyborg X

Dedicated_Dad said...

PatH: Remains to be seen which side he'd take - I'm hoping it would be the RIGHT side, but I certainly can see your point!

All the more reason for the rest of us to practice and train as much as we can...