Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Washington Post ‘Project Gunwalker’ piece lets key claim go unchallenged ."

David's latest.


Defender said...

Not a peep from my local rag, the Richmond Times-Dispatch, "Virginia's Official State Newspaper." Not even from an Associated Press or WP feed.
Reporters there seem to demand that we lose our "right" to all guns, particularly semi-autos, by a ratio of about 12:1, according to Facebook responses to an accidental drunken shooting at a Florida college student's apartment.
They also want conservative speech suppressed because of violent imagery.
Explains a lot, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Makes sense to me. When your politicians are home, why they're the very image of Reagan. When they go back to D.C., they asked themselves "What would Stalin and Castro do?" before they vote.

In other words, if it happens locally, it never happened nationally if they don't want it to. The power to control information is the power "... over the minds of men."

Can there be any doubt as to what they are about? What they want to accomplish? Look at their targets, witness the damage they do at every opportunity.

The media is Marxist at it's core and populated with educated idiots where the Marxists are not present. But the Marxists are in charge, make no mistake. It is the Marxist agenda that is being followed without deviation, without exception.