Wednesday, February 2, 2011

David Codrea asks: Has ATF Phoenix SAC been transferred to Mexico? Yes, but perhaps that's just exactly where Eric Holder wants him.

The tied hands of Mexican drug war victims.

You damn betcha. Boy, are the Mexicans gonna LOVE him to death. Then again, maybe that's the point, to put him within range of a smuggler's rifle, thereby sealing off a potential route of inquiry for Senator Grassley. Be ironic if he got shot with one of his own "walked" weapons, huh?

Hey, Newell, maybe you should reconsider that promotion you've always wanted. Maybe YOU should be talking to Senator Grassley.

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Defender said...

Willis, Williams, LeBleu and McKeehan: former Clinton bodyguards who eneded up dead execution style during the initial attack on Waco. debunks other deaths as being "Arkancide," but has nothing to say about these four who saw and heard what they shouldn't have when Clinton was governor.