Wednesday, February 2, 2011

FOX News picks up the Project Gunwalker story.

"I just can't get no respect."

Senator Calls ATF on Allegations Agency Is Allowing Guns Into Mexico

Of course, they got the public source of the website which broke the letters wrong, but hey, it is a better performance than Pravda, ah, the Washington Post.

David clarifies their error here.


DB said...

You expect them to actually admit that an "extremist" such as you was the orchestrator and first to release these letters? You give the media far more credit than it deserves.

Anonymous said...

Yeah just saw the FOX thing and was gonna alert you. Awesome job you guys did.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least they mentioned David, if not you. They OUGHT to have mentioned both of you, since I took them to task in comment for not telling "the rest of the story" and gave both name and site referemces.

Those turkeys . . .


Dick's Dad said...

The Author is Maxim Lott, son of Professor John R Lott jr, author of more guns less crime, and Freedomnomics.

The good Prof has a link to it from his blog. If I had a blog ID I'd have commented about the mis attribution.

He went to ID only comments when he started doing op-eds for fox, to reduce the torrent of boring and predictable abuse from progressive trolls that was clogging up his comments.

"It's amazing what you can achieve if you don't mind who takes the credit"

Well done

Dick's Dad said...

Just checked out David's update.

I've got to admit that some of my more nervous friends wouldn't visit Sipsey Street, so I send them to David's "War on Guns" or his Examiner column, for them to check out the info.

Two can play the Gramsci/Fabian game of :
One little, reasonable seeming step at a time...

Anonymous said...


I think Maxim Lott is only about 19 years old - a very promising young man.

Dick's Dad

Anonymous said...

Well, at least it's something. I don't suppose they've bothered to actually run a BROADCAST STORY, on this yet have they?

Middle of the road, careful. Don't want to offend anyone. Even if the story in question screams to be reported and has legs of stainless steel.

Fair and balanced seems a bit more like, friends and family to me.

Even CNN's doing stories now that FOX won't touch. Tell's you a lot about what's going on at FOX, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

The patriots and tyrants know the truth. That is all that really matters. Keep fighting the good fight sir.