Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dave Workman asks the question -- "Silence in Seattle: Why is Brady Campaign defending ATF operation?"

Me and Paul, hanging out.

Brady Campaign President Paul Helmke is shrill about continuing the Gunrunner program, without even a blink about the possibility that it may have allowed guns into the wrong hands.

And here's a news flash for you boys and girls. Paul Helmke, like many of the ATF hierarchy in DC, is on my email list and has received every Project Gunwalker update since the first one on 28 December. He cannot plead ignorance.


WarriorClass said...

I still love that picture every-time you post it; the wince on Helmke's face is perfect.

You are my hero, Mike!


TypicalClinger said...

Remember the Dixie Chicks saying they were ashamed that G.W.Bush was from Texas? I'm ashamed Helmke is from Fort Wayne.

Don said...

I was standing there the day you through your arm around him... I think everyone around us skipped a beat then completely cracked up.

Every time I see the pic I just think of the initial look he had on his face... something between annoyance and disbelief... then the camera's flashed, locking in a glorious picture.

Defender said...

The mark of a true fanatic.
No! I didn't fall because of gravity! Gravity doesn't exist! The Earth just sucks. Yeah, that's it...

Anonymous said...

I'll never understand how you can be so civil with Helmke.


Anonymous said...


I can answer your question.

There are two courses of action available to someone who deals with these people.

1. Civility and therapeutic interventions, where possible.

2. You rip their lungs out.

I'm sure that Mike washed very well, after the fact and may have gotten a tick dip as well.

Jay Stang said...

Mike, you are going to wear that picture out.