Saturday, October 2, 2010

Threeper job opportunity: Calling for volunteers to sign up for this free outrage.

A tip of the boonie hat and a deep genuflection to Doc D. who brought HSN's Rapid Threat Recognition to our attention.

Here's the pitch:

The Homeland Security Network & SSI are proud to announce a series of lectures on counter terrorism. By the time you finish the three-webinar series you will be better qualified to detect and confront incidents of terror or crime and make better decisions in natural disaster scenario.

Certificates will be issued and you will receive a free login to the Homeland Security Network.

Lecture 1 - Rapid Threat Recognition

Whether it’s an active shooter, terrorist, militia member, mentally-ill person, disgruntled employee, you are the frontline in protecting the community as a First Responder. In whatever capacity you operate, having a strategy that includes better observation and critical thinking skills are the edge you need to make better, faster decisions in critical seconds.

Jet fighter pilots have to make decisions in hundredths of a second running sorties. Using the same techniques that Jet Fighter Pilots use, we will train you to rapidly recognize a threat.

Beta tests with police officers, tactical officers, security professionals, and former military and have demonstrated a 32% average increase in target acquisition in as little as six hours of training using laser based firearms equipment.

John L. Demand, Jr.

A thirty year veteran of law enforcement and security, he has served as police detective and corporate director of security and safety for Fortune 500 companies. Demand is a graduate of Northwestern University in Police Administration and Northeastern Illinois University in Behavioral Science. As an innovator, he invented and brought to market several safety and security related products. After visiting Israel in the summer of 2006 on an anti-terrorism training mission, Demand concluded that law enforcement and security officers need to utilize some of the methodology he saw on that mission. Over the past 3 years Demand has worked to create a performance-centric training program to increase observation and rapid decision making skills.

This is the latest outrage from the conflationary Israeli-American mercenary pukes at Security Solutions International. Another such set of private spies pimping off the American taxpayer recently got the Pennsylvania Director of Homeland Security fired.

So, what we need are some folks to sign up for this free "Webinar" and report back on their "training."




shiloh1862 said...

I wonder if they install something to watch the webinar?


Pericles said...

Build a "clean" laptop using linux and head for Starbucks for just such a purpose/

oldsmobile98 said...

I'll do it.

Anonymous said...

They are using GoToMeeting's GoToWebinar application. The application is harmless and quite useful for doing presentations on conference calls.

I went ahead and signed up. It looks like it is based on the OODA Loop. Odds are it is harmless unless if they tout garbage threat lists like the MIAC Report or some of the garbage coming out of various law enforcement fusion centers.

Defender said...

Great. A Brownshirt training program for the mean and ignorant that he and those like him suggest localities hire as auxiliary police in times of crisis.
WE know how to recognize THEM, is the important thing.

eddymatthews said...

Interesting. I bet they do install some helpful stuff to watch this fascinating webinar!

Anonymous said...

Let me concoct an 'agency' name...

Anonymous said...

Notice that the webinar is at a time when most regular people are at work. If I were cynical, I would think that they are looking for the out of work, disgruntled, welfare type. And yes, I'm cynical.

Anonymous said...

Me, me, me... As soon as I get back off the road.

Anonymous said...

Militia members??? WTF??? Guess they have already chosen sides. Assholes.

Word verification licaleo, what lick their boots??

J. Croft said...

I think all red blooded Americans need to sign up to know what one of those terrorists looks, acts like. I for one would not want to be mistaken for someone the government has a profile for...

Anonymous said...

Registered...we'll see. My question relates to where ethics and integrity figure in COL Boyd's famous OODA loop. I teach it in "Orient." That 32% increase in reaction time also applies to accuracy.

Jay Stang said...

I'm on it.

And I'm already on every list anyways, so who cares.

Matt said...

Those able to watch, is this something copyrighted or would someone be able to somehow download and post the video for those who can't stream it?

Dedicated_Dad said...

Pericles makes a good suggestion - as far as it goes - but it's far better to just download the free "virtual PC/virtual server" app from MS or VMware or...or...or... and build a "vm" on your existing PC.

If you can install windows, you can do this.

The "virtual pc" exists as a file on your HD -- which can then be copied/renamed/etc as much as you like within obvious space limitations.

Build a clean build, then move the file to a write-protected media (thumb-drive, DVD -- I use a 2GB SD card). You can then copy the file from the write-protected source to your HD, use it to do any risky stuff that may need doing, and delete the file when you're finished.

This ensures you won't screw up your PC. If you pollute the "copy" VM (or use it for something like this where you fear something you may not like has been installed) then just delete it and start with a fresh one.

I must agree with the "starbucks" (or other free-wifi joint) suggestion -- McDonalds now offers free wifi in (afaik) every location nationwide...


PS: WV-"ratifis" -- the way my daughter's 2nd grade teacher spelled what the states had to do with the Constitution... or what you're trying to KEEP from happening to your PC (you don't want them rat-ifying it, do you?)

Anonymous said...

Doesn't appear to be open to average Joes, only those with badges.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't appear to be open to average Joes, only those with badges.
--Anon@9:45 PM

That's easy. It only requires an Oath Keeper who will agree to accept a brief computer education seminar, which is to be taught by Dedicated Dad. :^)


Defender said...

Another example of government doublethink (the ability to hold two opposing concepts in mind simultaneously, and believe both): that the 9/11 hijackers/mass murderers were simply insane and not representative of Islam at large, but constitutional patriot militias are all Tim McVeigh clones thirsty for blood.

Anonymous said...

This is an attempt to garner training contracts with various agencies. And of course get a "ticket punch" certificate that will adorn your office wall and make you look like you have a brain or at least the proper desire to kiss any available a** for advancement and profit.

Any current LEO can take the course and while not time critical, it should provide significant insight into the enforcement and management mind set and perhaps sources and methods of a limited access nature.

I pretty much have a lock on these issues but It's nice to have near current assessments and opinions.