Friday, October 1, 2010

I guess he doesn't want to pay any more for his pool man than he has to.

Rupert Murdoch lectures us on the contradiction in terms that is the "legal" illegal.


Defender said...

Suppose I were to trespass onto Mr. Murdoch's property, swim in that pool, use his Internet, raid his medicine cabinet, invite friends and family to come and live there too. Would he say "Well, because you're already here..." and welcome me to stay?

Anonymous said...

We don't need to deport the illegals who are already here. We have thousands of alligators in Louisiana and Florida, and alligators gotta eat, right? :-)


Anonymous said...

Rupert. Love ya ta death! Now shut up and get out of the way!

patastrophe said...

no need to deport anyone. take away the under the table job, free medical care, free school, food stamps, WIC, and welfare, and they will leave of their own volition.

EJR914 said...

By default, an illegal alien is a criminal. They broke out laws just to get here. This guy is an idiot.

thecarfarmer said...

Why is it we only care about letting Hispanics stay?

When I brought my wife in from Taiwan, we had to go thru a buttload of paperwork; stand in lines, submit to interviews, take medical tests ad nauseum.

Why shouldn't Mexicans have to do the same?

About the time that there was a big to-do here in Seattle about immigration, and demonstrations and marching in our streets, a shipping container full of illegals out of PRC was discovered in the Port of Seattle.

They were summarily detained, and sent back to whatever fate awaited them.

Why can't we do this with Mexicans, Brazilians, El Salvadoreans, etc? What the hell makes Hispanics better than Asians?

I believe that there is one primary reason that Mexicans, and Central/South Americans are allowed to stay: money.

Bureaucrats' jobs in agencies catering to these people would be affected. In other words, you are buying the votes of the folks whose work entails supporting Latino immigrants. Money

Those Latino immigrants who are here illegally will commonly have some family/friends who are citizens. Screw with these people (even though they're breaking the law); you'll piss off a block of voters. Mo' Money.

The illegal immigrants very commonly use falsified documents to fill out the I-9 paperwork for an employer, and have Social Security taxes deducted. These people, by virtue of their improper documentation, should not be able to withdraw that money.

I'm sure that nobody here is unaware of the state that Social Security (a misnomer to be sure) is in; do you really think that anybody in D.C. wants to pull the plug on a significant piece of income for that system?

Mo' Money, Mo' Money, Mo' Money!!!

Of course, Mexico is lobbying to let the status quo continue; does anybody have the stats at hand for how many million $US are sent back 'home' to Mexico from Mexican nationals living (legally or not) in the U.S.? I heard it last year, but don't have it in front of me... it was HUGE.