Wednesday, March 17, 2010

You know what's funny?

Funny as in weird not funny, hah ha.

Here we are on the verge of a civil war and because the news media does not even recognize the validity of our grievances,and certainly never reports them, nobody thinks it is coming except the people preparing for it.


Walter said...

Two thoughts:

1) We, who see what's coming, have failed to think our way around the media black-out. (in terms of getting the word out to "the masses")


2) The states seem to be coming into play on these matters. If enough pressure is placed on our state reps, maybe this whole mess can be avoided or at least minimized.

I'm not spoiling for a fight. But I'm ready, as is my entire extended family.

triptyx said...

I don't see what all the fuss is about...let them eat cake! - Nancy "Antoinette" Pelosi


Anonymous said...

That hit me like a ton of bricks the other day. Can you say "Shock an Awe"? I knew that you could.

Taylor H said...

I think the Greeks called it "Dramatic Irony" the audience (us) knows something that the players (everyone else) doesn't.

Anonymous said...

They will be utterly astonished when the dam that's been holding back a reservoir of resentment breaks and carries them away in the ensuing flood.


Ahab said...
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Carl Bussjaeger said...

And as hard as we try to work this out peacefully, all we get are deaf ears and blind eyes. I try to tell my congress-scum that I oppose his health care "reform", exactly why (criminalizing responsibility and self-reliance, for one thing), and give him poll numbers showing him that the majority of Americans oppose it too, and in my state the opposition is higher than the national average. He just tells me that it's important that it pass, and that everyone wants it. I see comments and hear from others who've tried getting through to him that he tells them the same things.

Now this clown wants to run for the Senate. Polls show him losing to anyone. Polls show he'd lose by a two to one if he just tried for re-election. And he doesn't get it.

These people's heads simply aren't in the same reality as America.

MikeH. said...

It is because they are too arrogant to realize their sh*t DOES stink and that we are tired of having it thrust upon us. They are happy, ergo everyone must be happy... right?


Dan said...


PioneerPreppy said...

I think they get it, I think they feel they have an answer already and that answer is going to be even more progressive (to the tune of 20 million) votes when they legalize and allow voting for the current batch of illegals.

I also think that they thought Mass was so "In the bag" that they didn't bother pulling the stuff they did for Obama's illegal election.

In my opinion these progressives feel ACORN and company will come through for them again and the Constitutionalists are going going gone.

They have an angle I am sure of it. No one acts the way they are unless they feel confident they have the future in the bag.

Anonymous said...

In a way, it's kind of like a marriage which has gone sour. One partner is unhappy and pleads with the other to take them seriously. However, such pleas fall on deaf ears for whatever reason and they pretend as if nothing is wrong. Selfishness? Pride? Ignorance?

When the disgruntled spouse realizes there is no hope of being heard, they leave. The one left has the nerve to act surprised when it happens! "I never saw it coming", they proclaim! BS, they just ignored all the warning signs.

Anonymous said...


It is my understanding that Sweet Marie Antoinette actually said: "Let them eat shit".

I also suspect that is the feeling of the majority of congress-critters who purport to "represent" us.


You are correct about how it is supposed to be. With the addition of the fact that those "representatives" were not supposed to just sit around all day dreaming bizarre shit up. It was supposed to be they heard from their constituency about a given matter and then put forward legislation to meet the concerns of "We the people".

In other words, they were not sent to Washington to perpetually fabricate an ever greater scheme of laws to regulate and control us. IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT LIMITED GOVERNMENT!!!

What we now face is a group of 534 conniving, manipulative, deceitful, arrogant, thieving, lawyers hell bent on molding us into their likeness all for the "greater good".


I have grown weary of the games and sick of being condescended to whenever I speak to anyone in government.

I wish it were not so but I, for one AM SPOILING FOR A FIGHT. Let's settle this matter once and for all. Better to do it now before they make us dig our own graves and then we are forced to grovel on our knees for mercy.

As a matter of principal, I will not initiate force but woe be unto ye who initiates force upon me. My rage is/has been a long time simmering and when it finally boils over into retaliatory action there are many on the list quite deserving of retribution.

KPN 3%

J3 said...

Waaaal.... here's my own thought.
The people who are wanting to push this thing along so badly, regardless of the consequences, are all armchair communists who have never, in their lives seen war, armed conflict or bloodshed, first hand. They think of this as a video game, and fancy themselves as immortals and invulnerable.
the ONLY people who know how serious this is, and the ONLY ones who want to avoid it if possible, are those who have a real knowledge of what war, blood and death look like. People who know that in any war, good and decent people on all sides die, usually painfully, and others are maimed for life... that good people are forced to kill fathers and sons, friends and brothers in any war.
People who honest-to-God understand what hangs in the balance right now, at this very moment, are the ones who hope and pray that it can be avoided.
Only the delusional ivory-tower fools, with no idea of the real price of their stupidity, are the ones who say, press on, regardless of the cost.
Up the Republic.

Anonymous said...

The system has become far too corrupt and maggot ridden to ever self heal, even with a potential complete turnover in November. Once you accept the fact that in order for America to live, it must first die then you can see past this abomination masquerading as a government by the consent of the governed. Hopefully the military leaders that will become the rulers after the collapse will be infused with the spirit and beliefs of the founding fathers that they are eager to re-establish a constitutional republic of limited government.

Either way remember to wave at your neighbors and smile as you analyze which will be at your door with crowbars and bad intents and which are real patriots. Your battles will likely occur within sight of your house.

Anonymous said...

No they get it. We are so insolvent that the politicians' bosses want more tax funds from us. This has nothing to do with health. It is about revenue generation.

Otherwise, the Congress credit card is going to be declined.


Anonymous said...

All these folks in Congress care about is retaining power. Yet this bill will guarantee and mass of them going down in defeat. If defeat and loss of power is what I fear and my loss is guaranteed if I vote for this bill, all we can assume is that they feel confident of staying in power. How could this be? No elections, no loss. Don't assume we will have polling this November.

Anonymous said...

It's coming. The only question is when, who fires first, and where that initial {armed} conflict starts. The signs have been there for years.

One of the common features of those in control in Washington is that they are rather isolated from the population and have an inherent arrogance (aggravated by common experiences at certain Ivy League schools and formative career choices). They think they are in total control and have decisively won. Ironically, as they get closer and closer to what they perceive to be victory, they are effectively guaranteeing their own {future} defeat because their very end game moves are shattering the illusion that blinded so many Americans and are driving a significant percentage of the population to the brink of overt resistance.

Reality will be a shock to both them and the sleeping sheep. While I expect us to ultimately win, my primary concern is the unintended consequences -- economic, geopolitical, societal, health, etc. The price of liberty will be very expensive in lives of good patriots and innocents alike and in physical and economic destruction.

I am largely prepared both mentally and physically but dread what is coming as the price will be extremely expensive but will have to be paid.


Moe Death said...

How would anyone know what the Lame Stream Media is reporting unless one was watching that crap?

Traffic and weather are all you need, and if you have a window, you really don't need the weather...


Anonymous said...

Let's try that a different way:

There is a coming invasion from Neptune and the media and 99% of the population are not talking about it. The only ones talking about it are the 1% who are expecting it. Won't they be surprised when the aliens show up?

How precisely will a "civil war" happen if only some tiny minority are "fighting" it? I mean c'mon, you guys aren't even 1%. Listening to you talk is what it must have been like to hear the Weather Underground talk about how many radicals were ready to take up arms against the US. Talk about hubris--you think the few of YOU can put the country into a civil war? Act as you speak and the response will be the same response crazy violent thugs always get, and guess what? The rest of the population will not start shooting at anyone. They will watch you be hauled off to jail or to the graveyard after the authorities deal with you and they will go "wow, some people are f'ing cray-zee" and they will go back to their lives.

Has that thought crossed your mind? For the sake of those who might care about you, I sure hope so.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've noticed that. Lots of voices echoing yours and mine on the internet, and in my personal life... 1 friend is right there with me, & that's it.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to another new national holiday.

Jimmy the Saint said...

@ PioneerPreppy: "They have an angle I am sure of it. No one acts the way they are unless they feel confident they have the future in the bag."

Concur 100%.

typeay said...

PioneerPreppy is 100% center mass.

The feel STRONGLY we won't do squat.

Anonymous said...

I believe the previous commenters (through PioneerPreppy @ 14:33) are missing the main point.

They know damn well what the polls say - long before WE do. They have folks who do NOTHING else but watch such things.

They know damn well how angry we are.

They know they're going to suffer an electoral bloodbath in '10 and '12 - if not a literal one before.





In fact, I believe they're *HOPING* for all of the above.

They're hoping for a revolt - because it will give them excuse to implement martial law and do whatever they please - as in "The Day the Dollar Died".

Failing that, they're hoping for a currency or other collapse - for the exact same reason.

Failing both - by some miracle - they hope to lose enough seats in '10 to give the Stupid-party 50-50 "ownership" of the inevitable economic HELL that's coming. If it turns around before '12 they'll claim credit, if not they'll blame the Retardlicans.

Either way, they'll have jammed through their socialist agenda which will never be repealed, and they'll build on it when the pendulum swings again.

Either way, they'll have paid off their Union Masters, and stalled the total collapse of Medicare/SS just long enough for the Retardlicans to take the blame.

It's actually brilliant in a sick, sad way.

Though it pains me to say it, I've come to HOPE for a real, bloody revolution - it's the only way we'll ever get to RESTORATION.

As to failing "to think our way around the media blackout" -- I don't believe it matters. I live in a very rural area - among a lot of folk who "don't see no use for that there internet stuff" - and just today I heard some older men say "I ain't too old to tote my rifle one more time..."

Many, many, MANY people don't need to read Sipsey Street to see what time it is.

When the time comes, we'll have the usual ~20% of the population behind us, and ~45% arrayed AGAINST us. Thankfully the latter doesn't own firearms because they're askeered of 'em.

Even WITHOUT the Marxists currently in power, we're approaching 1/2 of the people in our nation who look forward to living on the .gov's teat - even if it's the HIND one it beats having to hunt and gather. Further, they all know we're a threat to their "free" rice-bowl - especially the majority of whom agree 110% with their Marxist/socialist ideals.

This to me is the reason civil war is inevitable: roughly 1/2 the population is reasonably conservative, the other 1/2 is well left of center, and we've FINALLY realized that being "nice" and "civil" only means forfeiting ground again and again and again - thus slowing but never stopping the incremental march to a fully socialist state.

Every single "compromise" moves us further away from where WE want to be - and we're finally done giving in.

OTOH, the Commu-sociacrats are even LESS willing to budge, and have finally stopped even PRETENDING.

Two UTTERLY opposite world-views held by nearly equal numbers, and both sides unwilling to budge. Does it happen NOW (in this Administration) or do we wait and let THEM start it after the next Retardlican majority?

As with any painful, bloody procedure, it's only going to be worse the longer we wait - plus it gives The Enemy longer to get a clue and start in with the weapons and ammo buying and training.

It'll never get any easier.

TPaine said...

It is painfully obvious that none of these left-wing nut-jobs care one iota about what the people want. Their frontal lobotomies have left them brainless and unable to reason. I feel that there is only one way left, and Obama will go down in history as the perpetrator of the second Civil War in the U.S.

These fools are also saying that federal law trumps state law and the states cannot "opt out" of the health care plan. They must have a few Supremes as hostages.

I'm ready! Bring it on!

Anonymous said...

"We, who see what's coming, have failed to think our way around the media black-out. (in terms of getting the word out to "the masses")"

Fifty years ago, congressmen were making speeches about how Social Security was a Ponzi scheme to anyone who would listen. Few listened. The masses no more want to hear that Socialism is an utter failure any more than Constitutionalists want to hear that the Constitution is an utter failure.

III more than them said...

When this abomination passes, it will likely be hit with several, coordinated, masses legal challenges designed to completely expose the unconstitutional process used to get it to the President's desk.

In the event that only one challenge is made, I'm sure Landmark will be the one, and they have some big guns lined up, both active, and "recalled" (itching for a fight).

It seems bad, but stay up on it.... we might see a MOAB go off in their faces, courtesy of Constitutionally-minded lawyers with a very serious attitude issue from all of this.

There are a few over there, on our side. Don't lose hope yet.

Anonymous said...

When is enough, enough?

Not laughing,

Fat Baldy Caver (ret) said...

What is the popular conception of the 1860s US Civil War?

What were they fighting over?

The right of the Federalists to dictate to the States?



If Slaughter-Care leads to violence

How will that be fed to the plebs?

As the latest one of many injustices, all heading in the same direction?


as "Health care"?

To paraphrase Sun Tzu;

"Go to the temple and considder all aspects before embarking on a path"

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous posting "Let's try this a different way".

3%...1%...let's run with your number although it is highly conservative. There are 200 million adults in this country and 1% of them is 2 million people. Imagine what it would be like if 2 million active Islamic terrorists were running around the U.S. causing chaos and you might have a clue what only 1% can do.

Now what's it going to look like when 2 million right-minded people all across America are engaged in battle tactics against the left? Imagine each one getting a minimum of one kill. You know their targets are going to have some high level of value to the liberal cause. How will that reshape the thinking and direction of America?

There are only 1.5 million soldiers, but 150,000 of them help make up the 1% and will probably go AWOL. Of the 1.35 million soldiers left it takes a bunch of them to coordinate operations just to take down one guy. Look at the time spent and losses incurred just trying to get Bin Laden or David Koresh. How many soldiers will be put out of commission when taking down that one guy? How long will it take for them to get to the 2 millionth guy?

Of course, the military will overreact and will consider everyone to be the enemy. Those in the public who are not involved soon will be after the military clamps down on them a few times with curfews, road blocks, illegal search and seizures, etc. Even the neutral public will recognize and resist a bully when pushed hard enough.
In fact, I'd be willing to bet you'd be one of them in due time.

Anonymous said...

Well, just keep in mind that Ollie Norths "contingency plan" has been perfected over and over again for times such as these. And the "event of a major disaster" has never been about foreign invasion or attack.

And remember that their is no other logical explanation for the Census to GPS every home in America.

Anonymous said...

My rifle is always at the ready.
The only thing I need is a call to arms and I will be marching to DC to take back my republic.

Hope to see ya there.



You need to leave the thought of neighborhood battles alone. This snake needs to have its head removed. We have to start as close to the top as possible,including the media talking heads, judges, members of both houses, large corporate donors....This style of warfare has already been let out of the bag by Bill Clinton so there is simply no reason not to use it against them.
I have a feeling that a large percentage of the cockroaches will flee the country if we are just mildly successful. Nobody wants to live in fear of being the next target.
This is how the battle will be won.....not toe to toe...eye to eye because they will never accept that....they will pay your neighbor to fight you instead. And we all know how the last civil war where neighbors were payed to fight neighbors turned out!

Anonymous said...

Their ignorance and arrogance are gifts to us which we must not fail to exploit, because once they recover from their initial surprise, they will begin calling for definitive action against to put an end once and for all to any sort of popular resistance to their power. Anything that is done by anyone on any level must be devastatingly effective in order to shake the enemy's resolve and crush their will to proceed.

jon said...

if it walks like a duck, and it barks like a duck, it's a duck.

Anonymous said...

In response to Anon posted 3/17/10, 4:54 pm:

I’m not looking to start a civil war, or fight in one. I do, however, have my own personal line that will not be crossed. Words cannot describe to you or anyone else the look and feel of my line. When it is crossed the consequences will no doubt result in my death, at least.

For to me, death will be far more acceptable than allowing my line to be crossed. Those that truly know me and care about me will understand. All others will label me insane. So be it. If one digs deep enough aren’t we all insane?

If the life you speak of everyone going back to after such an event involves oppression, control, being part of the collective; you can have it. Freedom by anyone else’s definition but my own is not freedom. How’s that for hubris?

You must be at the very top or very bottom of some food chain, anon 454. For that kind of thinking and rationale can only be explained by a plutocrat or non productive bootlicker.

Old_Warrior said...

For those of you who post Anonymous who thinks this is a 'fringe' idea and we are the minority, here is something the mainstream media didn't tell you happened in November of 2009.

It's been centuries since the last one was held, and the delegates representing the states aren't backed by a 'few' fringe people. The 60+ page Declaration to the White House called the "Articles of Freedom" were completely ignored by all holding the high offices and ignored by the media.

This of course, is to the elitist's undoing and ultimately their downfall. It's that serious, and you are the ones on the fringe... the fringe of denial that the uprising that will soon be here is going to be huge. Open your eyes some, look around the political climate. This is the one time you will wish you had done so if you don't.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, every active patriot, acting independently, should have a set of "case files" on the primary vermin in their area of operations: names, addresses, photos, vehicle info, etc.

When it goes down and/or media/net/comms are blacked out, the active patriot proceeds to previously analyzed locations to perform the honorable duty.

Publishing some of these case files and telling the MSM about them may be an interesting deterrent. Then again, perhaps the time for deterrence is altogether past.


Anonymous said...

If Congress "deems" the "healthcare" bill passed without a vote, I "deem" them all voted out of office without needing to have us citizens vote on it, either.

They WILL be removed from office, with force, if necessary.


angry settler said...

**Page 50/section 152: The bill will provide insurance to all non-U.S. residents, even if they are here illegally.
[b]** Page 58 and 59: The government will have real-time access to an individual's bank account and will have the authority to make electronic fund transfers from those accounts.[/b]
** Page 65/section 164: The plan will besubsidized (bythe government) for all union members, union retirees and for community organizations (such as the Association of
>> Community Organizations for Reform Now - ACORN).
** Page 203/line 14-15: The tax imposed under this
section will not be treated as a tax. (How could anybody in their right mind come up with that?)
** Page 241 and 253: Doctors will all be paid the same
regardless of specialty, and the government will set all doctors' fees.
** Page 272. section 1145: Cancer hospital will ration
care according to the patient's age.
** Page 317 and 321: The government will impose a
prohibition on hospital expansion; however, communities may petition for an exception.
** Page 425, line 4-12: The government mandates advance-care planning consultations. Those on
Social Security will be required to attend an "end-of-life planning" seminar every five years. (Death counseling.)
** Page 429, line 13-25: The government will specify
which doctors can write an end-of-life order.

Time to withdraw what I have left in my bank account.

Jimmy the Saint said...

@Anonymous: "The masses no more want to hear that Socialism is an utter failure any more than Constitutionalists want to hear that the Constitution is an utter failure."

Well, when ObamaCare gets rammed through, both sides will get to see their system of choice end in utter failure. As a practical matter, the Constitution will be dead and buried, and socialized medicine will give the coup de grace to the economy.

Anonymous said...

MVB, et al.:

According to the pseudo-Gandhiist neo-"Prince of Peace" Glenn Beck on today's show, all y'all are a bunch of bad people who're gonna start a LOT of needless trouble that'll likely get people jailed, maimed, & killed, & thereby ensure that the enemies of the Republic will NEVER be removed & a return to the Golden Age of Universal Love, Compassionate Fraternity, & True Enlightenment that America once enjoyed will be forever banished. IOW, "violence is NEVER the answer & only ballots, protests, prayer, & a LOT of intensive & comprehensive study will save us from thuh clutches uv Pragressuvz & foil their eeeeevil plans, Allaylooyuh & Amen". Reminds of what I've heard that many Jewish "leaders" said to those among them who wanted to organize & fight the coming Nazi darkness. The weird thing about his position is that he's regularly raving about how Washington held the Continental Army together & thus saved the nascent U.S.A. & using that as an example of how all the decent Uhmurrakuns need to band together PEACEFULLY & set this Nation a'right.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Ed - When is enough enough? I am fed up to my eyeballs with this unconstitutional crap and I feel like no one around me cares enough to do something about it. I'm pissed off and scared. I know what the patriots were willing to do in 1775 and this causes me to take a really long hard look at myself and question what I am made of. Will I be brave enough to do the right thing when the time comes? Will I recognize it when the time comes? Am I really willing to risk losing EVERYTHING to do the right thing? Father in heaven, please give me strength, courage and wisdom.

(I wish I could write "III" under my name but I don't know if I will be worthy.)

Ahab said...
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Happy D said...

But how much time do we have until it starts?

I would like to get more prepped than I currently am. Maybe even get some more people on board.

Anonymous said...

Angry Settler....

I've gotten this same email forwarded to me recently, but (correct me if I'm wrong).....isn't it just a rehash of the original Obamacare bill that was defeated and thrown out before this latest bill was written?

Don't get me wrong, I'm betting they've put most of that stuff back in this bill too.....but since no one has been allowed to read it....where are you getting that this stuff is actually in it?

No offense intended....just want to make sure we're putting out factual info.


Anonymous said...

Anon at 12:17 PM said:

I’m not looking to start a civil war... I do, however, have my own personal line that, ...[W]hen ... crossed, the consequences will no doubt result in my death, at least. For to me, death will be far more acceptable than allowing my line to be crossed.

Forgive my slight edit, but I do not feel that it changed the thought, just tightened it up. And I must wholeheartedly agree with the above statement.

And for those who have a line in the same place as mine, I have ammo to share...

1/10 USMC

Anonymous said...

The problem on our side is no one wants to be first.And that's what they are counting on,they are not going to come at you through the front or rear door,why should they.As long as we write and talk about what we are going to do,they'll just pass another and another and another law until we look up and there is no place to go,no one to turn to and to late to organize,because they will have that covered to.I am always reminded of this when I hear people say I'm going to bury my weapons and ammo.If you won't fight when they come for it,I find it hard to believe they would fight afterward.There is no conflict ever been won on defense,that I'm aware of.

Ahab said...
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Anonymous said...

USMC Tank,your right on target,kill the snake,drain the swamp.

Ahab said...
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Toastrider said...

I think we may be better off than we expect. Here's why.

First off, Congress (to a large extent) and Obama (less, but still noticeable) have suffered massive falls in approval rating -- this is a major turnaround from a year ago. Pelosi and Reid simply do not enjoy the support that they had.

This is why they opted to try and sneak the health 'care' bill through with the Slaughter proposal. Except that now everyone is watching and pointing at them. If they HAD the votes, they would have never bothered with the deem and pass shenanigans.

The problem is that they are rapidly running out of options.

The wisest thing they could do in this situation is punt. Throw up their hands, whine long and loud about the 'obstructionist Republican minority' and try to put themselves back together after the 2010 elections.

The problem is that Pelosi and Reid are blithering idiots, so they won't punt. So what's left? Try to armtwist as many votes as they can (which will result in so many challenges you'll think they bought a gross at Sam's Club), or 'deem and pass'.

Deem and pass, however, is a Rubicon. Taking that step is pretty much pissing in the face of the men who wrote the Constitution, as well as every Congressman/woman, good or bad, who actually bothered to play by the rules. It's the equivalent of not just cheating, but blatantly telling us 'We are not going to play by your rules any more'.

And at THAT point, things start to get VERY interesting. Forget militia uprising; imagine the shockwave if, oh, several states say 'Go to hell. We will not recognize this as law'.

Popcorn, anyone?

Shy Wolf said...

"violence is NEVER the answer & only ballots, protests, prayer, & a LOT of intensive & comprehensive study will save us from thuh clutches uv Pragressuvz & foil their eeeeevil plans, Allaylooyuh & Amen". (ala Beck's ass-mouth?)

Someone should have made a poster of tht for the Constitutional Convention in 1775. Maybe then we'd still have a real king's ass to kiss.

J III said...

You are totally right, IMHO. You understand the principle, and with or without a spotter, you sound like the kind who knows the quiet effective way to clean up an AO.
Fellow I used to know, way back when. said "Spray and pray may be fun, but precision fire is terminal."
Takes a lot less ammo, too ;o)

HAPPY D - No disrespect intended, but it sounds like you have that same pre-engagement jitters condition that has ever hit any human being heading into combat for real. Don't doubt yourself, and don't think there's anything lacking with you. Unless a man is truly psychotic, no matter how many firefights he is in, he will always have that first moment of sour-taste in the throat,cold chill or even numb feeling in the arms or legs in the instants before. It is what he does in the NEXT instant that determines his character.
It just proves that, unlike the Ramo-wannabes,YOU actually understand the reality of this thing, and the stakes. Frankly, the guy who yells, Gung Ho, we're gonna KILL all the bastards, yeee-ha... is NOT the guy I want covering my back,
The guy who says, Oh, God, help me, I know what I gotta do, I just don't want to... but... ah, shit... I guess I'm ready.. no, I am ready, God help me, I'm ready - THAT is the guy I'm gonna trust.
You'll do fine. Practice when you can, keep your ammo stocked. You'll do fine, and if you need a backup in your situation, I'll do my best to get to you.
Semper Fi.

Dedicated_Dad said...

I tried to respond to "Anon"s smirking sarcasm this morning.When I rolled out my righteous indignation, I found my response was entirely too long for a "comment" post.

So - as I have before - I decided to publish it on my sorely-neglected blog, where it (as usual) grew and grew to truly epic proportions.

Still, I think it's worth the read, especially the best parts - which are naturally the words of others. I hope my meager scribblings are worth your time and attention, I've certainly put an awful lot of effort into making them so...

I'd written the entire post, then needed to go pick up my kid. Since I still needed to proofread, I saved it - then I heard on the car radio that they'd actually done it.

It was then a number of hours before I could handle my family responsibilities and choke down my rage enough to finish the job.

If you'd like to check it out, then grab a drink (maybe even pack a lunch) sit back, put your feet up and read.

I'd be very grateful for any comment, compliment or (ESPECIALLY!) criticism.



Anonymous said...


I never heard of it, so I certainly couldn't have consented to it. Just another group of voters and would-be politicians fraudulently claiming to speak for me. No more respectful of my individualism than the current bunch. It doesn't matter how much of it I might agree with if I had been allowed to see it; I didn't sign off on it.

Anonymous said...

sniff-sniff testing the air this morning!!! i smell a "BREAKDOWN" coming!

my many thanks to Mike for finding the name to this book [worth/required reading by all who come here btw]

Drew [rooster]

Anonymous said...


Don't make the mistake of assuming that enough of the public agrees w/ you to make a difference. Remember the meaning of 3% & realise that even that figure is likely to be a very optimistic one given the proclivity of most to run their mouths & then find some "reason" not to honor their exclamations ("I can't go/help, I have a family") & will get hostile if reminded of what they said. A sad thing, but also all too true & something to ponder.


What I said to Malthus.


Fits not only the available facts, but the M.O. as well.


True, but also understand that those you list don't necessarily need to have that kind of experiential skill as they can usually get others w/ such abilities to do for them. Recall that the majority of those who "protested" against the Viet Nam war had no idea that they were the "useful fools" of Giap, Mao, & Brezhnev, & still don't believe so even after their status as such was partially confirmed by Giap himself & also the Soviet archives. What most if not all of the pseudo-"elite" on the Left & to a lesser extent those on the "conservative"/"Right" either don't or won't get is there's more than a few who will back their play & don't especially give a damn how the proles feel about it.


While I agree w/ the premise of the first part of your comment, i.e., that some of an organism must be removed if the rest is to recover & thrive, I nonetheless wonder if Americans have the intellectual/moral toughness to actually look @ things as they are & excise the rot from the side they support. For example, how many on the "Right" understand that even though such as Gingrich, Limbaugh, Krauthammer, Hannity, Will, Coulter, Bennett, Ingraham, & similar, may appear to be on your side, they really see you/yours just like the other side does & like them have few qualms about deciding how you should live your life while, of course, reserving the right to do their thing unhindered by the very rules they set up for others. I'm also not nearly as comfortable as you seem to be w/ a military junta ruling post- collapse/reconstructing America, & not even close to being hopeful that they would be as enlightened as Washington was about the exercise of such power. Just because the military joins your side in the fight doesn't necessarily mean that they're qualified &/or have the proper temperament to govern. Patton, Halsey, MacArthur, & LeMay were great commanders if not the greatest ones we're likely to have & in MacArthur's case, the one best suited for the task of reforming & rebuilding Japan. Those who came out of the Civil War as military victors weren't all that good @ leading post-war America, nor were those who emerged after successive wars up to the standard of our first soldier President. One of America's strong suits is that we've been blessed w/ good luck even if we usually don't deserve it, but as we all know only children or idiots depend on it alone to get by & since our military & LE draw from the same pool of humanity, I'd rather not try to see how far we can push our luck by counting on American exceptionalism as a bulwark against the fulfillment of Blackstone's & Santayana's warnings.

Cassandra (of Troy)

Anonymous said...

Original Intent,

Thou dam-ned cynic, think ye that the "holy" Uhmurracun people can be bought w/ that $750 billion the Imperium has in its "rainy day" fund, or that a series of "spontaneous" (& eminently exploitable) violent incidents committed by appropriately "right-wing" Tea Party crazies w/ guns will consternate said "Divine" public to such an extent that their opprobrium will be manifested against their philosophical kindred rather than @ the Imperium they both oppose? Oh YE of little faith, shame sir, SHAME!


If the keepers would quit feeding & empowering the kept, things wouldn't be nearly as screwed up as they are. The infuriatingly sad facts are that there are far too many who want to have a say in how things go but don't want to be held responsible when the things they supported turn out bad, & that there are far too many who allow themselves to be either persuaded or browbeaten into not meting out justice to the aforementioned morons &/or psychotics whose "good intentions" usually end up enslaving or murdering big chunks of humanity.

Anonymous @ 4:54pm,

That possibility bothers me no end, & the prospect of Americans having fallen into such a European state of degradation should torment you as well since you'll also suffer the results arising from said cowardly corruption.

Anonymous @ 5:03pm,

Although it pains me mightily to do so, I have to agree w/ your assessment. But that doesn't mean that the population should renounce use of the Founder's "Final Option" &, like the majority of Europe's Jews, submit to the Imperium & hope that what they have planned for us won't hurt too much. History shows that resistance isn't always futile, but it is usually quite costly & that's the best reason to take action BEFORE things get too far gone instead of "being nice" & thereby cause Churchill's warning about timing to come to pass.

Anonymous @ 6:51pm,

Nice albeit depressing rebuttal to Anon 4:54pm.


Your/others similarly eager anticipation of a 2d CW reminds me of the "Fire Eaters" that were around @ the time of the first one. They too were filled w/ p*ss & vinegar & had big, throbbing "lemme @ 'em!" erections poised for war. GRRRR! Thing is, once the party had been underway for awhile & it became obvious that their side would lose, those same "eager beavers" became hard to find & when the cost for the "2d American Revolution" was tallied, they acted just like Peter did when asked about his connection to Christ. IMO, one should be wracked w/ sorrowful anger over such a terrible circumstance being all but certain to occur but once it does, the only emotion that should be felt is what Teddy Roosevelt (or was it Churchill?) termed "cruel joy".


Amen. Sun Tzu, Machiavelli, & Von Clausewitz sure had things pegged. Funny how it's usually the 'military types' who're that way, isn't it.

Anonymous @ 7:16am,

Have you considered that if things get too close for the Imperium to effectively handle, they may declare the rebels to be "terrorists" & claim that the nation's in SUCH danger that there's no choice but to invoke the appropriate section of the NATO Charter & call for "assistance"? If you doubt that such would be accepted by the American people, recall what it was that caused Europeans to be involved in Afghanistan & Iraq after 9-11.

Cassandra (of Troy)

Ahab said...
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